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"can't say how pleased we are, thanks jeff for bring there and saving our 1 year old puppy"

shipping from Oceanside, California Vancouver, Washington for $172.22

Oceanside, California
Vancouver, Washington
1060 mi.

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so my son and i go on vacation from California to the state of Washington to see grandma and grandpa for a few weeks and i leave my friend to puppy sit for us while we are gone. The last thing I said to him was "are you sure you are going to stay here and watch the house and Missy"? His reply was "yes, I have it convered". So I have been here for about week and I get a call from my neighbor telling me that he has not seen anyone at my house for about 3 or 4 days and he heard my puppy in the garage barking. I get frantic that the neighbors were going to call the human society and take her away and we would never see her again. I emailed my fiance (USMC service member) deployed to iraq at this time, to call me ASAP, that I was frantic about Missy. In the meantime, I looked on Google to find out how to get my puppy shipped to me ASAP cause she needed her mommy. I got a responce within seconds. In the meantimen of doing this I got my call from Iraq, I was hysterical and crying about the fear of her being taken and her having no food and water and I told him to do something. It took him lots of time to calm me down. By this time my friend had gotten in my house to find that one of those fears came true, my missy had no water and very little food. Within 24 hours a bid was placed and excepted. More then excellent service was provided, Missy is here and we are more then pleased. I have a 10 year old that was totally devisted to hear me talking about this on the phone and kept asking is his missy going to be alright? Is someone going to take her? I had to keep the reality of it inside until I had something to tell my 10 year old or we would have had one other problem on our hands, missy girl is also a therapy dog for him to have due to health related challenges, so if something would happen to her, I could not imagine what would have happened to my 10 year old. i am very pleased with Jeff, he has been a blessing to us and our family. He deserves so many kudo's.

- Crystal W.