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"Super Moving Experience!"

shipping from Wheeling, Illinois Cumming, Georgia for $823.82

Wheeling, Illinois
Cumming, Georgia
750 mi.

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We were moving my recently-deceased aunt and uncle's bedroom furniture, and it was a fairly emotional experience, both for us and for my cousin and my Mom, who were at my aunt and uncle's house when Mike arrived. My cousin and Mom were trying to add more items to the truck, and were phoning me every so often while Mike was loading. I was freaking out, because we had agreed upon a price with Mike, of UshipWeHaul, and I did not want to breach the contract or be rude. However, Mike assured me I had underestimated the weight, and he had plenty of room in his trailer for the extra things being added. He was so easy-going and kind, and very sensitive to my cousin and Mom's feelings, and to our feelings, as well. He was neat and clean and very concerned about not making any marks on our walls, etc. At one point during the unloading, I disappeared for a while to compose myself, and Mike went right on unloading, giving me my space, and being very professional, and showing great care about the furniture. My cousin had rolled a lamp in the bedspread, and placed it on top of the dresser, just prior to Mike closing the trailer door. Since he did not know a lamp was in the bedspread, he did not secure it. When he opened the trailer at our house, he found it on the floor of the trailer, with a smashed light bulb and a smashed-up lampshade. I think he was more upset than we were! We assured him it was not only NOT his fault, but, not big deal, as well. Mike's was super! His bid was almost exactly our target bid, he was prompt (early), kind, clean both in person and in terms of the moving out and in, and very, very communicative. We will DEFINITELY use him again, and recommend him to everyone! We will definitely use UShip again. It is a great service. It saved us money, gave us peace of mind, and enabled us to insure our goods, something we might not have been able to do otherwise. THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank You!

- G.e. R.
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