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"Lay your fears to rest, this is one great way to move your car!"

shipping from Valley Park, Missouri Durham, North Carolina for $315.00

Valley Park, Missouri
Durham, North Carolina
826 mi.

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When I first found uShip I was sure I had found the best way to ship my car. I have been deployed to Afghanistan for a year and will return home soon. I wanted to get a new (to me) car and started looking on the Internet. I found exactly what I was looking for and made arrangements to buy it. All online from half way around the world! It was in Missouri and I live in North Carolina, so I needed to get it shipped. I again searched the net to see how best to move it. This is when I first found uShip. I knew immediately I had found a great way to learn what prices were competitive and which were too much. I got several quotes, and quickly discovered what was the going rate. Then I got one that was well below the others. I decided to look closer to find out why this one was so cheap. AHA......... he's going to DRIVE it. All the rest were going to put it on a trailer. Hmmm. At first, I thought that I might not want someone else driving my new (to me) car. Then I realized... hey, ALL the miles on this car were driven by someone else. And from his feedback, I could see that he would probably drive it a lot more carefully than I would. Hahaha. So I opened up communications with him through the uShip Q&A forum attached to my ad. During this time a couple of the other shippers had some ...... interesting things to say about what was transpiring and whether or not I would run into serious problems with this type of transportation. Let me assure everyone reading this. If you do not mind having the miles added to your odometer by driving it, this is one great way to ship your car. I absolutely love uShip because the feedback system really shows you who you are dealing with. I found the answers to all my questions by reading Donnie's (dalvey67) feedback. And I highly recommend him to safely, efficiently and economically move your car. Two thumbs up for Donnie and uShip. If I ever need another car moved I know exactly where to go. uShip!

- ama1437
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