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"Moving the final two thirds of my life (+ gigantic raccoon)"

shipping from North Palm Beach, Florida Brooklyn, New York for $1,100.00

North Palm Beach, Florida
Brooklyn, New York
1223 mi.

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After living in Florida last summer, I was more than ready to get back up to NY. I crammed as much as I could into a rented SUV knowing I'd need to deal with the rest of my stuff eventually, but planning to put it off for as long as possible. You'd be surprised what fits in an SUV (clothes, movies, a dresser) and what doesn't (3 of the 5 dresser drawers, a 3-foot tall 25-year-old stuffed raccoon, teapot). (his name is Rick) (not the teapot) Having played Pole Position and Tetris during my more formative years, I'm all about driving and packing. However, I knew I'd need help with this one and I was dreading it. How do you find someone who actually cares about your stuff? Enter the internet. I got a couple of broad quotes for the move, and then luckily stumbled across uShip. I didn't know what kind of crazy site it was but I figured it was worth a shot, when suddenly I was presented with companies bidding significantly less than I'd been quoted but much more in line with what I was hoping to pay. And with feedback no less! Needless to say, I took the chance and couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. Dependable Pro Movers is located incredibly close to my pickup location, and they didn't flinch when my primary fear was getting a monolithic couch up four flights of narrow Brooklyn stairs. Or perhaps they did, but luckily the video interweb isn't quite as prevalent as it might someday become, so I was spared the obvious "ugh" face. The couch is a monster and they were saints. I now find myself looking for once previously unshippable items much as one looks for loose screws with the purchase of a new drill. Family china in Texas? No problem. Family in Texas...perhaps, but that might literally be the limit.

- Amy H.
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