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"Getting my "new to me" truck from Long Island."

shipping from Flushing, New York Saginaw, Michigan for $700.00

Flushing, New York
Saginaw, Michigan
716 mi.

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I have been pulling my cars and others around in trailers for years. I always wanted a dually with a ramp bed on the back for transporting my cars to events in the U.S. and Canada. I wanted the flexibility of carrying a car with me and still pulling my travel trailer or my enclosed trailer. In Nov. 2009, I saw an auction on eBay for a GMC crewcab, diesel dually with a ramp bed on the back. Just what I was looking for. Of course I assumed the bidding would take off in the last hours and price it out of my budget. I watched intently during the last two hours for the bidding to start but it never did. Then I started to second guess myself, had I over estimated the value of the truck. No one was bidding. I waged an internal struggle with myself for the last hour. What would my wife say? Did everyone else know something I didn't? What was the problem with this truck that I didn't see? Finally, in the final seconds, I clicked on the bid button. I entered an amount over the starting bid. WA-LA, the auction ended, someone else had placed a bid also in the final seconds. THERE IT WAS!! I was the winning bidder. I outbid the other guy. Now, what do I tell me wife. You see we were on our way home from an 18 day odessey that had us in MI,IN,OH,PA,NJ,NY, back to PA,OH,IN, then IL for a 3 day convention. On the road again to IN,OH,PA,NY,Canada and finally home to MI. We had driven 3,799 miles pulling a car trailer and on the last day as we crossed the border into MI I knew that eventually I needed to tell her I had just purchased a truck 725 miles from home. That was when I decided to use uShip. I had completed 4 jobs secured through uShip but never thought I would use it to have someone else move a vehicle for me. I posted my shipment and eventually hit on a service provider that could move my truck and was already coming my way. We struck a deal and I got my truck delivered without asking my wife to travel another 1,450 miles in the cold winter weather.

- forespeed
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