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"Victorian Fainting Couch"

shipping from Selkirk, New York Union City, New Jersey for $187.00

Selkirk, New York
Union City, New Jersey
140 mi.

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So many times I see a furniture item on Ebay and the seller has no means of shipping and so marks it 'Pick Up Only' and I have to let it go by. Not this time! A Seller I buy from often had a gorgeous but in need of restoration Victorian Fainting Couch for a reasonable bid and I badly wanted to go for it. Browsing Ebay I had recently seen a listing where uShip was suggested and decided to list a bid for the delivery. To my shock the bids came in low enough for me to put in my bid for the couch. By the time I won it the bids were all hundreds of dollars lower than any shippers quote I had ever received in past cases (and I had to let those items on eBay go unbid upon). The seller and I had our plans coordinated and Tim gave me his contact information which I shared with the seller. Tim arrived at Selkirk at 8 am as promised, and called me the moment he had the couch in his van. He also alerted me to a condition issue with the couch, just in case the seller hadn't mentioned it... but the seller had, he is alway meticulously honest in his descriptions. I note it for all those who may want to ship with Tim, the information he gave me on received condition was accurate, useful if you are not sure of your eBay seller! He arrived at 12 noon right on time and helped my roomate bring it safely inside. It was a perfect shipping experience! I sell on eBay and will now be able to offer for sale larger items I had no way of shipping before, I will reference uShip in those listings. Thank You Tim and Thank You uShip!

- Rosemarie V.
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