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"27 Ft. Boat"

shipping from East Dubuque, Illinois Nora Springs, Iowa for $206.66

East Dubuque, Illinois
Nora Springs, Iowa
164 mi.

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I bought a 27 ft. Sea Ray weekender on E-bay and needed to have it delivered about 200 miles. I got the bids on Uship and asked questions, mainly about date of pick-up, etc. I was not in a real hurry but I didn't want to wait a couple weeks either as weather is getting cooler and I knew I'd have to winterize the boat soon after it arrived. I got a great shipper, but he encountered a problem at the marina. He called when he arrived at the marina and I told him where the boat was, etc. A few minutes later he called again. Seems that the marina would not let the boat leave because the previous owner had an unpaid repair bill, GREAT!!! I had visited the marina and the boat earlier in the week, checked it out, stopped an the marina office and asked if it was ok if my shipper could just drive in at any hour (even after 5:00 closing) and get the boat. The nice lady there said sure no problem. I guess next time I will be more specific about whick boat and be sure to ask more questions, like does the previous owner have and unpaid bill, GEEEZ!!! My shipper was very patient as the marina office tried to contact the owner. Seems the previous owner left only a PO Box for an address, had dropped his cell phone service and now we could not contact him. Still my shipper waits patiently on the sidelines. Well, I don't want my shipper to have to wait all day, so I reluctantly pay the guys marina bill to expedite things. I figure I have ways I can deal with the previous owner later, and I can get my boat soon. Anyway, my shipper was super thru the whole process, and amazingly patient. Calm and understanding as well. I gave him a tip when I paid him. He deserved it.

- tschmitz