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"2007 BMW Shipping"

shipping from Tampa, Florida Avon, Colorado for $700.00

Tampa, Florida
Avon, Colorado
1958 mi.

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Shipped from Florida to Colorado (about 2000 miles). Booked on December 18th based on the bid saying that the vehicle would probably be picked up within a few days. The next week was Christmas week and early that week Andy said it wouldn't be picked up due to the holiday and that all of the drivers were home. "Maybe Next Week". Well next week came, and woops all of the drivers were home that week too because of the New Year holiday. He then said, "We'll get it picked up Tuesday of the week after New Years". It finally did get picked up several days after that on Saturday January 10th. I could be wrong but it seemed more to me like Andy was on vacation, not necessarily the truckers. Andy knew the holidays were approaching, and I don't think he should have bid on the shipment knowing it might not happen until after New Year's. I think it's important to note here that many auto shippers out there including DAK are brokers. This means that they do not own the trucks, and do not actually do the shipping themselves. They put the shipment on a website like and then truckers or trucking companies can accept the jobs from there. I learned all about this from the trucker who eventually delivered my car. I believe bigger companies like DAS or United Road actually do own and operate the trucks which probably gives them more control. Needless to say I was getting very frustrated and impatient after over 3 weeks and the car hadn't even been picked up yet. I am lucky that the dealer who I bought the car from was patient and didn't charge me a storage fee. The car did arrive safely after 4 weeks, and at a good price. I paid $700 plus the fees which was about $250 less than the next lowest bid. Next time I would probably pay more to get the car more quickly.

- David T.
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