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"My shipper turned out to be as rare a find as the antique piano that I found and purchased on E-Bay."

shipping from Scottsdale, Arizona Newton Falls, Ohio for $575.00

Scottsdale, Arizona
Newton Falls, Ohio
2090 mi.

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If only you could have seen what Tony of Toner50 went through to appease me, you would either laugh or cry for him! This was the first time I ever used U-Ship. I was anal in the questions I asked him before choosing him for the job. Speaking of anal, listen to this! Tony went through extraordinary measures to keep us informed of where he was every step of the way and that everything was ok. He drove almost nonstop from Las Vegas to Arizona to pick up the piano, then straight on to Ohio, in order to deliver by the promised time! Arriving at 1:00 in the morning, it was snowing heavily and it was frigid cold. My husband suggested (against my protests), that they just put the piano in the garage for the night and he would move it inside the next day with my sons help. Tony was obviously exhausted and hungry, but he knew (I think by hearing my nagging) how much it meant to me to have the treasure inside the house immediately. In the dark of the night by artificial lighting with frozen eyebrows (and little ice sickles forming in my husbands mustache,LOL), he worked them. After he backed up the trailer to the walkway they unloaded the piano carefully onto the walk. Everyone was sleepy and freezing, but of course, I wanted that piano inside!!! The guys stood out there shaking, trying to stratigize what would be the best approach to get it up the steps of the porch. Tony went beyond just the job of a shipper. He helped my husband build a makeshift ramp and a pulley system of sorts. Then he helped us move the heavy piano up the ramp to the porch and inside the house safely! Either he is overly kind and considerate for what he tolerated for me and my piano, or he is just extremely versed in how to handle a pain in the butt woman!!! I would call him again in a New York minute, if he could stand dealing with me again!! He saved me over a $1,000! What an awsome service U-Ship offers to the average joe that isn't rich. They are the only way to go for your shipping needs!

- Kathy H.