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"Great experience shipping my Westcoaster"

shipping from West Jordan, Utah Yelm, Washington for $400.00

West Jordan, Utah
Yelm, Washington
886 mi.

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Short and simple....Cushman's and Westcoaster's breed like rabbits (Randy the shipper can vouch for me on this one). Beware, if you purchase one Cushman or Westcoaster, you are guaranteed to have at least 2 more by years end. It just happens. I think they have a psychic vibe that resonates out into the ether and travels to each and every broken down, dilapidated, abandoned three wheeler letting them know that a loving Cushman home is waiting. What this has to do with my uship experience is this...Westcoaster number 4 was lovingly brought home last night to join the family. The shipping was a breeze and the shipper was fabulous. The greatest problem now faced is where does this Westcoaster live....this is number 12 (like I said, they breed like rabbits). They are cute little buggers and don't take up much room, but when they reach a dozen, they take up all of the room and then some... Back to Randy. Great guy. He even offered to help me push the Westcoaster down into the back and get it under cover. I think my favorite part of the experience was when he offered to back into the driveway so we could unload it right into the driveway...The UPS guy has a hard time backing his truck into the driveway. Randy can handle his rig well. Very impressive. I gave him a brief tour of the Cushman/Westcoaster Family and he laughed because they do breed like rabbits. The beautiful thing is feeling the life, or the anticipation of new life emanating from the gang of three wheelers. They will all be beautiful again one day. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

- Barbara M.