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"Good first time experience with uShip, and I cedit that to the great folks who handled my freight!!!"

shipping from Collegedale, Tennessee TOPEKA, Kansas for $300.00

Collegedale, Tennessee
TOPEKA, Kansas
768 mi.

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My story? Well, I was born many moons ago in a small town in... oh... maybe you mean my uShip story, eh? Well, OK then, I don't recall where I became acquainted with the uShip service, but, so far, the first time was a good experience (unlike many other things in life that have been a real insult in relation to what was expected based on the hype). The folks ("Razzy" and his team) who handled my freight (a John Deere MCS system) were very helpful. They arrived on time at the location of the people who were sending the equipment (eBay sellers), and treated them with great respect. All to often some freight haulers are rude and shamefull folks, not the "Razzy" team, they were very helpful and friendly. They disassembled part of the equipment, and loaded it, even though the folks (eBay sellers) sending it had agreed to load it. Once the "Razzy" team arrived at my (destination) location, they unloaded the quipment and reassembled it, as it was when they picked it up from the (eBay sellers) folks sending it. The "Razzy" team was very helpful with information as well from the selling/sending (eBay sellers) folks. I would surmise to some folks it may be very unnerving to hire strangers to transport their personal belongings across town, let alone across the country. I would have no second thoughts when hiring "Razzy" or any member of his team. I could go on and on, but at some point I might start telling lies, so, we will leave it here with the truth of the transaction. I have plenty of characters left in this message box, but, some jokes I know might not make it past security censorship. Most everyone likes a little ass, but, some folks do not like a smart ass. (o;

- Wayne M.
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