Pet Shippers
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Why uShip Fits Pet Shippers
  • uShip is a shipping marketplace with hundreds of pets that need transportation
  • Work directly with breeders and individuals to arrange transportation
  • Build a National Reputation - Feedback works as customer testimonials and references
How uShip Helps Pet Shippers
  • Save Money - uShip attracts hundreds of new pet shippers daily, so you don’t have to advertise
  • Free pet shipping leads emailed directly to you
  • No Monthly fees, no sign up fees, only a transaction fee
uShip Tips for Pet Shippers
What to tell your shipper before you move their pet

Before you can ship a pet across state lines, the pet owner has to obtain several documents for you. When you are bidding on their shipment, ask to make sure they have the following:
  • A health certificate from the vet.
  • Certificate of rabies vaccination.
You may also want to ask the shipper if their dog is current on vaccines against Distemper, hepatitis, leptospriosis, Bordetella and Lyme disease. Make sure to carry the health certificates on you in case you need them.
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