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Paula Marie L.|ID #241749729
Quote Accepted Jun 01, 2020 | Listed May 25, 2020


Parksville, BC V9P CA

Business (with loading dock or forklift)

On May 30


Montague, PE C0A 1R0 CA

Residence / Home Business

Between Jun 01 - Jun 30

3,618 mi.
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3,618Total mi.
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Moving Back to PEI Paula's Business



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Pickup Conditions

Has Elevator
Has Freight Elevator
Needs Disassembly Assistance

Delivery Conditions

Has Elevator
Has Freight Elevator
Needs Assembly Assistance


Additional Info

Requested Service Type(s)

Blanket Wrap


Special Instructions

Moving Back To PEI Paula's Business:List of Items 1.)10 Large Uhaul Boxes Measurements:24' 60.9cms 18'45.72cm 18'42.72cms 2.)8 Medium U-Haul Boxes Measurements:18' 45.72cms 18'45.72cms 16'40.64cms total weight of 18 Boxes is 522.2lbs 3.)1 Plastic Floor Lamp 12' wide 12lbs 4.)1 Clear Bag of Yoga Rollers 24' wide 18lbs 5.)1 Clear Bag of Stuffed Roller 12' wide 10lbs 6.)Microscope Floor Model 4 Feet Wide 2.8Feet long at Base 5.8 Feet Tall weight 350Lbs 7.)Electrolysis BED 5.5 Feet Tall 5 Feet Long and 4 Feet Wide Weight 300lbs 8.)White Chair 42' 3.5 Feet Tall Height 18' 1.6 Feet wide and 18' 1.6 Feet Long Weight 25lbs 9.)Brown Chair 42' 3.5Feet Tall Height 18' 1.6 Feet Wide and 18' 1.7Feet Long Weight 25lbs 10.)Desk (working desk for My Machine)3 Feet 36' long 2 Feet 24' wide and 3 Feet 36' Tall Height Weight 30lbs 11.)Electrolysis Lamp Base 1.6 Feet 18' Wide Stands 4.10Feet 58' Tall .It Folds down and will be wrapped well with bubble wrap and moving blanket.Weight 60lbs 12.)Rounded Maple Side Table 2.1 Feet 25"Wide 2.1 Feet 25' long 2.1 Feet Height Weight 36lbs 13.)Maple Drop Leaf Harvest Table 2 Feet 24'Wide 2.8Feet 32' Long 2.1 Feet Tall Height Weight 40lbs