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This Fast-Growing E-Commerce Category Is Great News for uShip Providers

It’s no secret that e-commerce is exploding. So much so that it’s causing long-established offline retailers to rethink their inventory strategies and even close hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores to adapt.

While “e-commerce” represents a giant mishmash of goods and services, a new study from research firm comScore breaks down the fastest growing e-commerce categories in 2016 — and it’s good news for providers in uShip’s household goods category.

The Furniture, Appliances & Equipment category saw a 26 percent growth in 2016, ranking second only to Jewelry & Watches (39 percent growth). In 2015, Furniture, Appliances & Equipment ranked No. 10 and saw 15 percent growth.

Meanwhile, Home and Garden e-commerce came in at No. 7 in 2016, growing 22 percent compared to 16 percent in 2015.

This ultimately means consumers continue to get more and more comfortable buying large, non-parcel items online, whether it’s on eBay, Amazon, direct from a merchant, or person-to-person. And this ultimately leads them seeking affordable, reliable, simple transport solutions.

Given that household goods, including all forms of furniture, appliances, and equipment represents one of uShip’s largest categories — there are currently over 2100 active household goods shipments on the site — this is a great news for providers who want to keep their trucks running full and avoid empty backhauls.

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