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6 Paths to Low LTL Rates, Discounts, Refunds on uShip    

LTL discounts are top of mind for just about anyone who ships freight frequently. Keep reading to see six 

Money makes the world go ‘round. It also drives less-than-truckload freight decisions of most business shippers. But freight rates are just one aspect of being a cost-conscious shipper.

Here are six paths to LTL discounts through uShip, ensuring you’ll get great rates AND reduce overall freight costs:

  1. Carrier Competition. When 30+ top national and regional LTL carriers go head-to-head with their rates, you can compare rates and service levels all in one place and all at no charge.
  2. My Contract Rates. Shippers can now load their existing rates onto uShip. By comparing your current rates to LTL carriers’ instant rates on uShip, you’ll know you’re always getting the lowest rate available for that lane on that shipment.
  3. My Custom Rates. My Custom Rates is designed for high-volume commercial freight shippers who want uShip’s help securing negotiated rates with LTL carriers. This gives shippers the best of both worlds: rates that match or beat pricing historically paid through brokers AND the leading shipping tools in the business.
  4. Invoice Audits. We audit every single invoice. This means that if an invoice arrives for less than you were quoted and paid up front, uShip’s LTL operations team will credit the difference to your account. We’ll even fight unfair rebills. When’s the last time your broker or carrier did that?
  5. Service Refunds. If a carrier misses a guaranteed service date, uShip will help process your partial or full refund.
  6. Extra Protection. Peace of mind has never been so affordable. Learn more about the uShip Protection Plan.

Shipping LTL Freight?

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