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Slasher Movies, Cats in Boxes, Yoga and 120 Browns: How uShip Does Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving’s coming early. No, really – the last Thursday of November falls early in the month this year, which means less time to prepare for our Turkey Day traditions, but plenty of time to reflect on them.

The uShip team is made up of a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and wild traditions, especially around Thanksgiving, both with friends and family. We talked to our team, and have chosen a few of our favorite memorable Turkey Day traditions to spotlight.

Josh B. – Customer Trust + Safety

“It’s a new tradition, but this will be the second year in a row we watch the best Thanksgiving, slasher
Blood Rage.”

“Blood Rage” will make its second annual appearance at Josh’s place this year. Sounds like if it’s between slasher flicks and football, they’ll take the gore over gridiron every time.

blood rage movie

Samantha M. – Payments

“Ordering Christmas gifts for people online, while my cat basks in all the new boxes.”

Sam takes on Black Friday the smart way – from the comfort of her couch. Pair that with a loyal, feline friend, who enjoys boxes more than the gifts they carry, and it sounds like a card-worthy sight.

cat in box

Candy – Product Marketing

“My friends, Kate and Claire, join us at our parents’ house for a vegan feast. First, Claire guides us through a yoga class on the back patio, which includes many great digestive positions that help us make room for our Field Roast.”

This active bunch trades meat sweats for yoga sweats – the healthiest version of the holiday we’ve heard of!

thanksgiving yoga

Danny – Partnerships

“For Thanksgiving, I always return to Louisiana to visit with friends and family while enjoying cajun fried turkey and boudin!”

Danny’s family does Thanksgiving the old-fashioned, Louisiana way! We’ll take an invite to that table, please.

chevy and chaco

Nicole T. – Development

“Drinking mimosas and watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

Sitting back to relax with a bubbly drink and a blimp-sized Snoopy sounds like a tradition worth carrying on for many years.

KB – LTL Operations

“The Brown Family Reunion – 120 family members at a campground in Navasota! This year will be the 64th annual!”

Wow, that’s a lot of Browns! This family’s got both history, Thanksgiving and a massive family tree to celebrate.

Brown family reunion

There you have it – our favorite traditions both old, new, weird and, well, traditional. With so many unique characters gracing our four walls, we’re not surprised at all that we’ve got such a unique variety of celebration styles.

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