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uShip + GoAntiques: Vintage Relics Meet Modern Day Shipping

Antique buyers and sellers can agree that nothing beats the thrill of finding the perfect vintage piece that you’ve been searching for (or didn’t even know you needed). Whether it’s a Danish mid-century modern credenza or a Victorian-era marble statue, such items are treasured pieces that may never be found again.

But antique buyers and sellers also know that this excitement can quickly wear off when faced with the logistics of safely getting such a piece from Point A to Point B at an affordable price.

That’s why uShip has teamed up with GoAntiques, an online marketplace for antiques and collectibles, to provide its sellers with fast, easy, and affordable delivery options for shipping large, oversized antique items.

Traditional shipping options have proved inefficient for antique sellers, leaving them to deal with high fees and high damage rates. Parcel carriers, like USPS, simply aren’t equipped for these large jobs, and often result in exorbitant, unpredictable rates. On the other hand, freight carriers can carry large items via Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, but require sellers to spend extra time and money carefully packing and palletizing items that they don’t want damaged in transit.


With uShip, GoAntiques sellers get way more than just bare-bones shipping options.

uShip’s solution for GoAntiques sellers includes blanket wrapping, threshold and home delivery, and full tracking for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can also rest easy thanks to instant shipping price estimates; affordable, full-coverage insurance; and first-to-final mile service, which can result in significantly lower damage rates.

On top of these features, sellers get a key edge on competitors by having the ability to choose their own carriers. Every carrier on uShip has its own profile, which includes helpful information, like reviews and ratings from real customers, cancellation rates, and transport equipment. Before booking, GoAntiques sellers can review each carrier who interacts with their listing and communicate about the shipment in advance, giving them the power to choose the right shipping partner for their store.


Though today’s buyers have never been more confident purchasing large items online, 47 percent of Americans still say that high delivery costs at checkout caused them to look elsewhere for the same or similar item. For sellers of large antiques, offering free shipping might seem impossible, but with uShip’s shipping portal, sellers can utilize uShip’s predictive pricing so they can roll the cost to ship into each item, making free shipping a true reality.

Not sure which is the right shipping price strategy for your business? Take this quiz to find out.


Brad Stanwick operates an online store specializing in English antique furniture. His store, The Parsons Nose, now either offers free shipping on its items, with shipping rolled into prices, or displays a flat, up-front delivery rate right on the item’s listing.

“Using uShip has been better for my bottom line,” Brad says. “I ran the numbers and figured out that I can ship my furniture almost anywhere in the country for about $250 to $300 through uShip. So, I took a leap.”


Better shipping options on GoAntiques doesn’t just benefit the seller. With this latest partnership, GoAntiques customers can now easily get the perfect one-of-a-kind item shipped directly to their home. In addition, both sellers and customers can have the peace of mind provided by full tracking, feedback-rated carriers, and first-to-final mile delivery.

GoAntiques Seller Exclusive: If you’re a GoAntiques seller, check out the uShip + GoAntiques landing page to see how you can start shipping with uShip today.