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Moving On: From Newcastle to London

Newcastle, I love you but I have to go

This feels like a relationship that had to end.

I’ve been with you from styling my hair cut to be like Dec’s in Byker Grove all the way to trying to out party the cast from Geordie Shore. I have put up with the below average sunshine days and above average rainy days for far too long, and it’s time I change.

You can’t keep breaking my heart like this. You got my team relegated.

I’ve always loved the North, I mean it’s the only part of UK that lasses can wear 8’ heels and minis in freezing weather and not drop a piece doner kebab at 3am. But getting dropped from the Premier League to the Championship was the final straw. I’m out.

With the promise of a change of pace, sunshine and a tan I am moving to Camden. Zone 2 baby.

It’s not you – it’s me.

I am dreading paying those outrageously high rental rates but, it’s something I must do.

After accepting a job and moving to London, I discovered moving here was not as easy as it seemed. I mean, I own a lot of stuff that the typical person owns: bed, sofa, tv, life-size statue of Darth Maul (you can still buy them on eBay if you want one).

After trying to rent out a van and transport everything myself, I decided that this was never going to work. My arms are built for a computer keyboard, not moving my chest of drawers. I tried contacting local couriers but they seemed like they could not give me a set price. One removal company even tried charging me double as soon as they started loading up.

I attempted selling everything, but that just turned into my mates trying buy my stuff for less than half of what I paid for it.

So being a keyboard warrior, I went to where I feel comfortable: the internet. I recalled watching a TV show called Shipping Wars UK so decided give it a go. I googled Shipping Wars and discovered the TV show was originally based on uShip, a transportation marketplace.

It was really easy on uShip. As soon as I listed my items going to London I received quotes and questions from all types of transporters. From professional couriers to the local man with a van lads (and without any phone calls, thank God!) I ended up accepting a quote from a London chap who was taking a back load to London. He said he was up here visiting and was just looking to fill his truck for petrol money. I paid a couple of hundred quid all-up. It ended up much cheaper than the local lads were quoting me.

After arriving on time to load my things and contacting me throughout the trip, my man with a van finally turned up to my new home about two hours late (London traffic is rubbish).

I know I have only just arrived but I already love living in London. I have used uShip to courier more Star Wars goodies to my new gaff and it’s starting to feel like home.

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