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The Cargo Insurance Handbook For Business Shippers

Delivering high-value inventory to customers, whether it be a boudoir, a Bronco, or a boat, can be a minefield for business shippers. The road is a hazardous place for such items and unexpected shipping expense losses, like accidental damage and theft, can lurk around every corner.

Despite a multitude of methods for protecting precious cargo from such losses, many business shippers are still in the dark.

According to a recent uShip survey, 30 percent of business shippers assumed their carrier’s insurance would cover any damages. This is a common misconception that could cost you in the end.

In The Cargo Insurance Handbook For Smart Business Shippers, we uncover the keys to protecting your bottom line and gaining total peace of mind throughout the shipping process. It all comes down to three things: proper packaging, choosing the right carrier, and added insurance protection.

In this interactive eBook, you’ll also find:

  • Shipping risk factors you can easily avoid
  • Proven ways to protect against unforeseen losses
  • Practical advice from the insurance experts at Roanoke

Even the smartest business shippers know that no matter how hard you prep a shipment, things can always go wrong. According to our survey, 30 percent of business shippers stated that a bad past experience went into their decision to purchase cargo insurance.

Bottom line: Extra protection equals extra peace of mind.

Still have questions about protecting your business shipments? We can help. Contact us today to see how uShip can help you attract more buyers and elevate your customers’ shipping experience.