uShip Power Provider Program

The uShip Power Provider program gives qualified* uShip Service Providers discounts, VIP support and other great benefits. The Power Provider program is completely free for any uShip Service Provider that qualifies and maintains their eligibility.

How do I qualify?
Review the qualification requirements for the Power Provider Program below.
Benefits of the uShip Power Provider Program
  • FREE Membership – The program is completely free, and your status is updated automatically each month.
  • Special Savings - Receive up to a 20% discount on match fees based on your past match volume.
  • More Quotes Accepted - A Power Provider icon next to your username notifies customers of your Power Provider status.
  • VIP Support - Receive prioritized customer support and technical help.
  • Special Offers - uShip is negotiating with third party firms (insurance providers, retailers, etc.) who will make certain promotions available exclusively to Power Providers. In addition, you will be the first to know about special uShip promotions, features and upgrades.
How do Power Provider discounts work?

Depending on your Power Provider status, you will receive the following discounts:

Avg. 3-month Match Volume Your Icon Power Provider Level Match Fee Discount
$1,000 bronze level Bronze 5%
$2,000 silver level Silver 10%
$4,000 gold level Gold 15%
$8,000+ platinum level Platinum 20%

For example, let's say it's the end of September, and you have met all the qualifications (see below), including having monthly match volumes of $2,200, $4,100, and $5,800 over the respective past 3 calendar months (July, August, September). Starting on October 1st (and lasting until the end of October), you would be a Gold Power Provider and receive a 15% discount on all booked shipments during the month, as well as the other benefits above.

How do I qualify for the Power Provider Program?
  • Be a uShip user for at least 90 days.
  • Achieve a feedback rating of at least 20 with 95% or more positive feedback.
  • Leave at least as much feedback as you receive. To qualify for Power Provider, your feedback-left to feedback-received ratio should be equal to or greater than 1.
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  • Keep your account in good financial standing (i.e., no unpaid fees of any kind).
  • Average a minimum of $1,000 in shipping volume per month over the previous three month period (see chart above for specific thresholds). Match volume is defined as the sum of all your accepted quote prices per month.
  • Uphold all uShip community values, including honesty, timeliness, and mutual respect for all other members.
  • Comply with all uShip quoting and marketplace policies.
  • TSPs who have any excessive cancellations at the beginning of the month are not eligible for the Power Provider discount.

Power Provider program eligibility is reviewed at the end of every month. uShip calculates your eligibility, and your discount and benefits will be given to you automatically!