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2007 Harley-Davidson

Austin, TX
Cartwright, ND
$ 550

1969 Kawasaki 500 H 1 Mach III

Utica, NY
Antioch, CA
$ 800

2006 Harley-Davidson FXSTI Softail Standard

Kyle, TX
Garden Grove, CA
$ 480

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R SE

Pensacola, FL
High Point, NC
$ 370

2013 Harley-Davidson Road King

Clinton, IA
Oceanside, CA
$ 479
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Motorcycle Shipping Made Easy

uShip is the largest online transportation marketplace of its kind and has helped thousands of customers ship their motorcycles all around the globe. Simply create a detailed listing. Outline your shipping dates, add photographs of the motorcycle along with measurements and any special transport requirements you may have. Then, submit your listing to our online marketplace and professional motorcycle transporters in your area will be able to bid for your business!

uShip also makes vetting these transporters easier than ever. We encourage all of our shipping customers to not only compare prices when it comes to shipping their motorcycles, but to compare each prospective transporter's Carrier Profile. Ensure you will get the best motorcycle shipping experience by doing your research and planning ahead.

Planning to Transport Your Motorcycle

To successfully ship your motorcycle, you need to start with a realistic timeline. Begin looking for a motorcycle transporter at least a month in advance. Then give our cost to transport a motorcycle index a look over and familiarize yourself with the uShip motorcycle shipping process. There you'll be able to view real-world past motorcycle shipping transactions.

In addition to giving yourself enough time to set up shipping, you need to remain flexible and patient. Unlike parcel shipping services, motorcycle shipping is done on an estimated timeline similar to auto transport. Unforeseen delays may occur and your patience will help the process run much more smoothly.

Choosing a Motorcycle Shipping Company

When you are choosing a motorcycle carrier, you will want to have a good idea of what type of trailer you want: open or enclosed. Also, make sure you understand what door-to-door motorcycle shipping really means. Finally, after you have gathered quotes, assess your insurance coverage and research each prospective transporter before booking a motorcycle transport company. To help with this step uShip has laid out each motorcycle transporter's transport history, complete with written customer feedback and a five-star rating system, in their Carrier Profile. Review this information and use it, along with pricing, to compare your transporter options.

Motorcycle Shipping Tips

  • Know how to properly prepare your motorcycle for transport.
  • Know how to build a detailed listing.
  • Know how to research prospective transporters.
  • Know how you are protected under your chosen transporter's insurance coverage.
  • Know your insurance options and what it federally required by the FMCSA.

Transporting Your Bike

Before your carrier arrives, prepare your motorcycle for transport. Look over our guide for a few helpful steps that will protect your motorcycle during the shipping process. At pickup, be early and be prepared. The driver will look over your motorcycle for pre-existing damage and note this on a report. Though, we recommend taking your own high-quality photos of your motorcycle before shipment. If there is a dispute at the time of delivery these photos can be used as evidence for the insurance provider.

What to Expect at Delivery

At delivery, be ready with your carrier's preferred method of payment and carefully inspect your motorcycle for damage. More than likely, your motorcycle will arrive in perfect condition. If there is a dispute or claim, follow your carrier's instructions on filing a complaint. Any insurance claims should be reviewed and settled within a few weeks.

Commonly Shipped Motorcycles

  • Harley Davidson
  • Ducati
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Victory
  • Triumph
  • BMW

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