No shipment too big. No deadline too tight. This is Shipping Wars.
For over 10 years, uShip has helped people and businesses in the UK find reliable transport companies with empty space offered at a discounted rate. Channel 4's Shipping Wars programme follows several of these road transporters from uShip as they deliver bulky and strange shipments no other carrier will touch. While cameras are rolling, one wrong move can make the difference between getting rich or going broke. Check C4's TV Listings for Shipping Wars
Meet the Cast

Marc is arguably the most identifiable character on Shipping Wars thanks to his signature handlebar mustache. This former Harley Davidson salesman found his way into trucking out of necessity and has been an old school hauler since 2009. Searching for extra income, Marc stumbled upon an online ad looking for someone to ship two Harleys across the U.S. for £1300. Using his experience with Harley-Davidson, he won the bid and never looked back.

Known as The Rookie since the show premiered in early 2012, Jarrett is still struggling to learn the ins and outs of the shipping world. Unlike the other established haulers, Jarrett is fighting for survival by moving some of the most unique and bizarre freight on the show. An avid golfer and aspiring professional player, Jarrett uses uShip to map his shipments and routes with respective PGA qualifying events.

Don't let Jennifer's sweet disposition fool you. She's no stranger to a hard day's work. Known as Shipping Wars' "Cowgirl," Jennifer grew up in a rodeo family and has been hauling livestock since she was able to reach the pedals. After college, she began to transport exotic horses and livestock across the country. After joining uShip, Jennifer began to expand her shipping capabilities beyond farm animals, and on Shipping Wars, she's hauled everything from a wedding cake and mechanical zombies to a tunnel boat and arcade games.

Chris and Robbie certainly don't scream "road transporter" at first glance, but don't be fooled. They know what they're doing, and they do it exceptionally well. Chris has been a part of the uShip family since 2008. He created his account, FCCLLCTransport, to transport a little bit of everything. Now, with Robbie's help this duo specializes in transporting high-end boats and yachts. This transition was only natural given Chris' lifetime of experience around boats. Together they've earned uShip's highest rank – Platinum Power Carrier.

Roy is a serious jack-of-all-trades, and a major know-it-all. From TIG welding and catching alligators to deep sea fishing and scuba diving, he seems to have experience with everything. One of the top earners in the U.S., Roy started Arbie's Team Transport after raising his son, Travis, by himself for over 18 years. He made shipping his full-time job and passion, and has never found a load or situation he can’t tackle (and is never afraid to tell you so). UPDATE: Sadly, on January 19, 2014, Roy suddenly passed away from a heart attack while on the road in Texas. He was 49.

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