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How uShip Works
"... they arrived safe and the pony was very relaxed."

We were moving a child's pony from west wales to Scotland. The company was great and stopped a few times for the mare to have a walk around and water. They kept in touch all the way and although the weather slowed them down they arrived safe and the pony was very relaxed.

"... would recommend to all. Thank you again."

Very happy with service, loaded safely and quickly but not rushed, delivered in good time, friendly & helpful and reasonable rates, would recommend to all. Thank you again.

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Choosing the Right Horse Transporter

Safe horse transport requires choosing the right horse transporter, but also making sure your horse and trailer are ready for the trip. Whether you are bringing a new horse to your home or sending your horse away, select your horse carrier carefully. The transport process can be stressful on a horse, so be sure to prepare both your horse and trailer to ensure they stay happy and healthy during the trip.

Because your horse carrier will be responsible for a living animal, verify that they have all the necessary experience, equipment and legal authority to haul your horse. Although problems are uncommon, you should confirm that your carrier has insurance to cover any unfortunate accidents or problems during transport. A horse carrier should be a good driver and a great horse handler.

Before loading your horse, make sure that it is in good health and will be able to handle the stress of being in a trailer. A horse unaccustomed to travel may become frightened and injure itself during the trip. Whether you are using your own trailer or your hauliers, carefully inspect it to confirm the interior is clean and safe for your horse’s journey.

For more information on how the horse and livestock transportation process works with uShip, visit our cost to transport horses page. There you will be able to view real previous transactions as they happened in our marketplace. From communication to bidding- you'll find everything you need there!

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