Pallet Delivery Northern Ireland

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Delivery Title:Pallet Delivery ...
Shipment ID: 608178392
Customer:Gary W.
Date Listed:11/17/2009 5:28 AM CST
Date Updated: 11/18/2009 4:31 AM CST
Ended: 12/17/2009 5:28 AM CST
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Pallet Delivery Northern Ireland
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Business (with loading bay or forklift)
Collection: Flexible

Est. Distance: 309.00 Miles
Delivery: Flexible
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Pallet Delivery Northern Ireland

Total Weight: 2293 lbs

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Additional Information: Starting with one delivery a week. Possibility of moving towards two/three. Report a Violation
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Hi, do you mind me asking your price range as I will speak to my partner companies to see if anything can be met. Report a Violation
Response: The company in Liverpool where collection would be from has given me an alot better price to deliver. Total delivery between £65 - 9511/18/2009Report a Violation
Response: OK Thanks for the feedback. I will be back in touch if I can get into that ballpark. Kind Regards, Tom. 11/18/2009Report a Violation
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