How Can I Help My Kids Have a Positive Experience of Moving?

Categories: Household Moves
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Moving is stressful enough for adults, who most likely have some motivation for making the change. For kids, who don't have a lot of control over the process, it can be a difficult experience. One of the best things you can do for your kids is remain calm during the process. When Mom or Dad is irritable, it can be contagious. When communicating with your kids about the move, highlight the positive aspects of the new place -- a ballpark, getting their own rooms, etc. -- while setting up ways to keep in touch with old friends. Moving will undoubtedly disrupt their routines -- there's no way around it. When you arrive in the new place, make it a priority to get your kids back on a routine schedule. Unpack their rooms first, and allow them a chance to spend some "down time" reconnecting with familiar toys and objects in their new space. As soon as possible, re-introduce consistent times for meals and sleep.