How Can I Receive More Bids?

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Perhaps the most important part of listing your shipment is the description you give it. If drivers are not be able to adequately judge the dimensions and weight of your shipment they will simply not be interested in your business. Make sure you are accurate as possible with your description, particularly the weight and dimensions. If you aren't sure of those things, make sure you write that in your description.

If you significantly misrepresent the size or weight of your shipment, drivers who come to pick it up have the right to refuse your shipment or to charge you more, at their discretion.

Want to edit your listing to include more detail? Just click here and then “edit” next to your listing. (If you have an open bid you will have to decline it first)

As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…and uShip is no exception! Especially if you are unsure of the weight or dimensions, a picture can help to fill in those details. Also, we have found that listings with pictures get many more bids than those without. Thus we strongly recommend that you include a picture whenever possible.

Don’t have a digital camera yet? No problem – check out to see reviews on digital cameras. Want edit your listing to add a picture? Just click here and the “edit” next to your listing.  (If you have an open bid you will have to decline it first)

uShip uses an integrated Q&A system that allows drivers to ask shippers questions about their shipment before making a bid. Q&A is both emailed to the member and posted publicly on the listing page so that the same questions are not asked repeatedly. Similarly, shippers can ask drivers questions about their bids from the bid details page before accepting.

After you accept a driver’s bid, we provide you the driver’s direct contact information to work out the final details.

uShip drivers are often on tight schedules and are trying to put trips together quickly – because of this, they often make bids on several shipments with the understanding that not all are going to be accepted. It is important to respond to questions from drivers promptly, and to make a decision on whether to accept or decline a bid as soon as you can.

If you wait too long, a driver may fill his/her truck, or already be on the road with the most recent trip. In addition to prompt communication when negotiating a deal, be sure to keep the lines of communication open before pick-up and through to delivery. The majority of problems occur when shippers and drivers don’t answer questions promptly.

In order to protect your privacy and the integrity of the uShip process, members are restricted from including direct contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, web addresses, fax numbers) in the Q&A system. Members who transact with drivers off-site (without accepting a bid) are not protected by any of uShip’s security features (see uShip Security Center ) and may have their accounts suspended as outlined in our User Agreement. uShip uses a self reporting "flagging" system that allows any member of the community to report another member for a rules infractions.

Feedback is at the heart and soul of the uShip marketplace. When you are preparing to accept a driver’s bid, be sure to look closely at their feedback – this is their reputation. When looking at feedback, keep something in mind. First, uShip is a growing marketplace meaning we have new drivers signing up everyday. These drivers all start with the disadvantage of no feedback. Be sure to still give these drivers consideration, but do your diligence and ask the right questions. Be sure to read their About Me profile and their licensure and insurance information.

If you feel uncomfortable after the match is made but before the delivery takes place, you can follow the uShip Match Retraction policy found in the uShip User Agreement.