Add uShip to your Auction Listing

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Add uShip Tools to Your Listings: Save buyers up to 60% on shipping and GET PAID $20 everytime they use uShip! (be sure to Sign in to get your customized tracking code below)

Add uShip Shipping Price Estimator to your eBay Listings

  • Show your buyers relevant shipping information for large items at a critical point in the buying process
  • Give buyers visibility into the 60% savings received from 40,000 Transportation companies competing for their business
  • Lower shipping costs result in more bids and higher selling prices for your items
Copy this html code and paste it into your listing:

Add the uShip Logo to Your Listing

Cut & Paste this HTML into your listing editor and our logo with some helpful information will appear.
When they click, they will be taken to uShip where they can use their Buyer ID and the Auction ID to begin receiving shipping bids.
Copy this html code and paste it into your listing: