How Can I Ship a Spa or Hot Tub?

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If you are waiting for a spa or hot tub to be delivered to your house, be aware that the shipping company does not usually install or wire your tub. Usually, the shipping company will require a space accessible to a large truck where they can unload the tub. If you can clear out a big space in a garage and if there's room to back in the truck, this will probably be safest. Some shipping companies will charge an extra fee for transporting the tub to the back yard. If you order your tub or spa from an out-of-state dealership, it may be safest to choose a company that does its own deliveries. Employees of the spa company are more likely to be invested in delivering the products safely, and are more knowledgeable about handling them. Your local dealership can make arrangements to have your tub installed and wired soon after delivery. Be sure to ask questions about delivery time frames and hidden fees before committing to buy.