How Can I Ship Live Plants?

Categories: Plants & Agriculture
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If you're planning on transporting live plants, be sure it is legal to send the plants to the destination you have in mind. When transporting plants across state or national borders, be aware of the strict rules regarding the import and export of plant matter. In many cases, import/export laws and customs delays make it difficult to ship live plants across national borders. Next, check the weather at the destination and along the planned route. If your plants might be harmed by freezing temperatures, make sure they won't pass through a cold zone. When shipping a load of live plants, be aware that your shipment is vulnerable to inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which could hold up the load by a day or more. If sending live plants via UPS or another standard carrier, it's best to send them at the beginning of the week so that they won't run the risk of sitting neglected over a weekend.

For more information regarding shipping live plants to and within the EU, visit Defra and HM Revenue & Customs.