What Are Some Common Shipping and Moving Scams?

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Once a company has your goods on their truck, you're ready to go, right? Not if you're working with an disreputable shipper or mover. They're not all that common, but they are out there. Some shipping companies will charge you an extra "overweight" fee or other extra charges before they will unload your goods. Be wary of movers and shippers who will give you an estimate based on an Internet questionnaire only, rather than sending a representative to look at your move firsthand. Be sure you read and understand your contract before you sign, and do not pay the movers until all the contractual obligations you have outlined have been met. Some online retailers will not quote you a price for shipping the goods you buy, but instead will charge your credit card separately after they pack your order, "so they can get the correct amount." This often results in a hefty charge, as much as double the actual price of the shipment. Ask for a definite shipping price before you commit to buy.To review uShip's fraud prevention guidelines, please click on the Community page.