How Should I Decide What to Keep and What to Toss?

Categories: Household Moves
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Moving is a time when many of us have to confront the clutter we packed away for years. Especially if you’re downsizing in your move, it’s important to start early and throw away unnecessary items so that you move only things you need and want. Here are some questions to ask yourself when purging items: -- Is this useful to you now? (For instance, does it fit? Is it out of date?) -- Are you using it now? When was the last time you used it? -- Is it something you would choose for yourself now? -- Are you keeping it because of the person who gave it to you? (You can get rid of the item while still keeping your feelings for that person.) Start by getting rid of anything the movers won't handle – hazardous wastes, open bottles of liquor and open food containeres. Next, sort your items into three groups: items you want to keep, items you want to sell or give away, and items to throw out. It might be wise to set aside an area in your house to hold garage-sale items. If you don't feel like adding a garage sale to your pre-moving list of responsibilities, donate these items to charity. If you still have more stuff than your new place will hold, consider a storage unit – but beware, they can be expensive. Decide ahead of time what belongs in the unit and how long you will keep it.