wolfhound pup

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Shipment Title:wolfhound pup
Shipment ID: 507753583
Customer:Candy R.
Date Listed:3/9/2014 10:04 PM CST
Date Updated: 3/13/2014 10:31 AM CST
Ended: 3/23/2014 10:04 PM CST
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# of Bids: 4 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Est. Distance: 1,379.00 Miles
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wolfhound pup

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Total Weight: 20 lbs

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Hello Candy my name is Charlene and im leaving out of Texas tue going to Va not to far where your drop off is i can do this for a good priceReport a Violation
Response: Are you with a company or just an individual? And do u transport all the time? Also what would u charge?3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: I'm a independent/individual company . My bid is 301$ I been transporting for awhile now3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: When you pick up a puppy to transport do u have to have a health cerificate. Or can she be shipped without that? I have her vaccination record but no health certificate. Also if you picked her up tuesday when would she arrive in virginia?3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: I give all my transports breaks every couple hours I provide water treats and I got blanket for puppy and give them TLC3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: As long as I have the shot records I'm Good. I do like to have the health certificate but its ok . I would pick up I will deliver with in 3 days 3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: Ok I will let u know tomorrow3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: I always say with in 3 days cause we do give breaks and stuff for traveling but it might be sooner like wed night3/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: Ok ;)3/9/2014Report a Violation
Im in Dallas right now so your not that far from meReport a Violation
Around 1 pm after noonReport a Violation
It maybe sooner like at noonReport a Violation
Response: Ive never used this service before. Could you meet me off 35 in gainesville? And would she have to be delivered to her home address or closest airport? Because she lives in Chesapeake but closest airport is norfolk. And would I pay u in person or would I pay on here? Sorry for all the questions usually fly my pups3/10/2014Report a Violation
Response: I can meet you any where I do door to door service . You pay me on here they give you code and I get that at pick up. I dont think your asking to many questions. After you accept my bid it will prompt you on what to do next3/10/2014Report a Violation
Im going down a little bit more in price im leaving tomorrowReport a Violation
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