boxer dog

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Shipment Title:boxer dog
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Customer:Matthew B.
Date Listed:8/12/2014 1:08 PM CST
Date Updated: 8/15/2014 10:10 PM CST
Ended: 8/26/2014 1:08 PM CST
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boxer dog

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Total Weight: 70 lbs

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When can this be done and what is your budget?Report a Violation
Response: After September 8th. And 200-250.8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: Okay thank you.8/12/2014Report a Violation
I have a mini van leaving PA on Sept 2, early evening. Arriving in Florida on Sept 3rd. If these dates work for you I can do this run for $450.Report a Violation
Response: Hello, thank you for responding but the airline wants $375 which is already high priced so I wouldn't be able to do it for $450. Thank you though8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: If you use the airline you are going to have to go to the vet and get health certificates and documentation. That usually runs at least $200. I am willing to go down to $400, but with the cost of fuel I really can't go any lower.Please keep me in mind and good luck. Thanks, Mark8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: Hi Mark, The health certificates aren't the problem as I take my dog to the vet regularly. I am relocated to FT. lauderdale and the airline wants $375 to ship him on the same flight we are on which cost $125 per person. So my other option is to drive down which will cost me $150 in gas and 17 hours of my time. So that's why I was looking around the $200-250 price range and I could just take the plane down. So I do not doubt your pricing and it's probably in line with the market standards. Just in case I do not want to drive down, what is your method of transporting the dog? Thanks Matthew8/13/2014Report a Violation
Response: The Sept 2nd trip would be in a 2013 Dodge mini van. Your dog would be the only cargo.8/13/2014Report a Violation
Hi Matthew; I am trying to get a run with 1 dog, Boston to N. Carolina, on 9-3-14. If I get this other run, I can do your trip for $225. This trip would be in a 2014 Dodge car. The other dog would ride in the front passenger seat in a carrier. Your dog would have the whole backseat to Carolina, then he would be the only passenger to Florida. Please let me know if your interested. I have sent the same info to the other client and I am waiting for a response. Thank you, MarkReport a Violation
Response: You are a couple hours too late I already booked my backup plan. Thanks though8/15/2014Report a Violation
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