Upright Piano + 2 furniture pieces

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Upright Piano + 2 furniture pieces
  • Upright
  • 6 ft 0 in. 
  • 2 ft 6 in. 
  • 6 ft 0 in. 
  • 450 lbs
  • No
The piano is an upright decorative piano and is near a garage door for easy loading. The other two pieces of furniture are at a different location (1-2 miles from piano). One is a bedside table/small chest with a marble top. The other is a large hutch. The hutch comes apart into two pieces. Each is about 6 feet long and 4-4.5 feet high, maybe 1.5 feet deep. The two furniture pieces are at a home with a steep driveway, but neither ice should be difficult to move because not very heavy
Additional Information: My parents live in Marietta, where both of the homes are (again, the ones are on,y 1-2 miles apart - I just want to move at the same time). They are available to meet you and show you the pieces. Report a Violation
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