Spartan 1954 Spartan Royal Mansion

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Customer:Reyna A.
Date Listed:12/15/2011 12:10 AM CST
Date Updated: 12/28/2011 12:02 AM CST
Ended: 12/29/2011 12:10 AM CST
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Spartan 1954 Spartan Royal Mansion
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Est. Distance: 406.00 Miles
Construction Site
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Spartan 1954 Spartan Royal Mansion
Needs assistance loading: Yes
Total Weight: 7180 lbs
Needs assistance unloading: No
On a truck or trailer: No
Preferred truck or trailer type: Step Deck
Length: 37 ft 7 in. 
Width: 8 ft 0 in. 
Height: 9 ft 0 in. 
Weight: 7180 lbs
Measurements: Estimate (my best guess)
Additional Information: Hello! Thank you for your time in reading my post! I am looking for quotes to ship a 1954 Spartan Royal Mansion "Double Ender" 37' from Paradise CA (Butte County, near Chico) to Frazier Park CA (3 miles off the 5, about halfway between Bakersfield and Los Angeles). Due to her age, step deck is the preferred method of transport HOWEVER I am considering both trailering and towing as options as the seller is willing to do the prep work required to ready her for towing, at an increased sale price. So, I am open to both options depending on what works best for all parties. She will be readily accessible for hook up so no concern there.
This is a very rare model, so she will need to travel safe and insured ;) My timeline is open as the seller is somewhat flexible, though preference will be given to availability within next two weeks to month or so.. If you have any openings roughly within these parameters, I encourage you to bid!

I will be happy to answer any questions, and thank you again for your time! I hear such great things about uship, I hope to find a great transporter who can make this happen!
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We are interested in transporting your Spartan, We have a low deck 36 ft. flat bed trailer can easily haul your trailer, about 35 inch. deck height +/- . We have ramps too-- but would need a slight loading dock or some kind bank to load off of --- just so the ramp angle is not to steep. We would need to push / pull --on / off. with a pickup or tractor hitch - We can pull it with our truck as well -- 1 ton dually What is your price range. Let me know I'll place a bid. We live in the area. Report a Violation
Response: Hello Martindarla! I appreciate your interest. I will update if the topography of the land offers a bank, as it is being moved two miles down road at this point. The seller will be there to assist in loading, I am just trying to find out all of my options for transport, as the price I am paying to him depends on the amount of work he has to do to ready her for the trip. My budget therefore varies, and so I am looking for bids. Thank you! 12/16/2011Report a Violation
Response: We can haul on top of out trailer $ 1,565.00 and tow for $ 1,259.00. We would need some help loading onto our trailer-backing it onto our trailer and off - down south. We would provide safe dedicated transport from start to finish 50/55 We have a 4x4 tractor - 3 point trailer hitch works from loading onto trailer real easy! We would have to bring to Paradise but would have to leave and pickup on way back here. Let me know if that might work.12/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi! Forgive me, I have the flu something awful and can hardly think. I am not sure I understand what you meant by that you "would have to bring to Paradise but would have to leave and pickup on way back here". And can you tell me specifically what kind of additional help you might require? More hands on deck, so to speak? I would want to make sure I understood exactly what was expected of me so everything goes smoothly for all involved. Thank you so much!12/19/2011Report a Violation
Hi shipper , I can make this happen and at a really great price. Can it be ready to tow by Sunday or 8 am Monday ? I can do it for 1100. I doubt you get a better offer than this , but if you do let me know and I will try to adjust. Thanks KrisReport a Violation
Response: Hi Kris! Thank you so much for your interest! I do not believe we will be ready to tow by then, given the amount of prep work that she will need, that is cutting it a bit close- she is being rolled two miles down road this weekend and then she will in all likelihood need bearings repacked, tires, lights checked and possibly temporary ones added.. Is your offer only for this time period? Please let me know, and thank you again! 12/16/2011Report a Violation
Response: I can take it up in January if its ready then . It is a bumper pull travel trailer right ? I understand it taking time to get ready and thats ok. I have filled my time and was going to cancel the bid. But if you want me to do it in Jan then accept the bid and we will have it scheduled for then. Just let us know when it is ready and we will get to it asap. Thanks Kris12/16/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hello again Kris, yes, it is a bumper pull vintage trailer. One of the concerns I had was due to her age, as my Spartan yahoo group advised me, that many shippers will be driving 80+ miles an hour with her which can shred her shell, depending on road conditions, so I have been leaning towards a step deck transport. However, if you are transporting via semi, that sort of speed isnt a consideration, am I right? I clicked on your profile, I am not the least bit concerned with a schedule if you were running late in any case, just that you both arrive safely. Do you have a set schedule in January at this time, or you are looking to fill legs in as it comes? Please if you would, leave the bid up so I can see by comparison, I won't accept it as I am not able to get her ready that fast, safely. I thank you so much for your quick response and will speak with you again soon, once I have a conversation with the seller and get the latest update. Thanks! reyna 12/16/2011Not in Violation
Response: Hi Reyne, the bid is there till it expires. If you want to schedule it for Jan and like my bid and profile just accept the bid and I will do the work . I will be in and out of CA all Jan and Feb so when it is ready we just get back out there and make the move. No you don't have to worry about speed with me , I do at most 62 and when your dealing with CA I do less than that. The bid dates are not important when we both agree to when you want it done is when we will get it. Thanks so much for the responses and interest. Have a Happy Holiday season and hope to be doing business with you in the new year !! :) Kris12/17/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hello Kris, you have fanstastic feedback and a very nice rig. Thank you so much for your interest and I will definitely let you know. As you are aware, I am concerned with safety not timing! ;) Happy Holidays to you as well! reyna12/18/2011Report a Violation
we can haul this we have special semi trucks that haul these, if u know tire size and how many holes , we can get spare tire rbk moves moble homes, is the ball 2 5/16 thanksReport a Violation
Response: Hi there! I just emailed the seller, and asked this question to him. I hope Uship lets me add this later bc I know if I add it to my shipment that it will invalidate all my bids. Thank you for asking and please watch back for the answer. I tried but cannot exactly guess from the photos. 12/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: I understand. How much do you think that will run, to use a trailer? Obviously, the most ideal situation would be to find someone who needs to fill a leg on a run, that would be amazing for both of us, but let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much for your interest! 12/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi there, I am not exactly sure what you are saying. To work a deal with the transporter "powersource", and then it seems you were cut off? Please let me know what I missed! THank you for your time!12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: look at the bid of 2082 he has the equipment ur looking for12/20/2011Report a Violation
Response: Thank you for pointing that out to me, I appreciate that! I am open to different options for transport as the various differences have been pointed out to me- each method has its advantages and disadvantages!! Thanks again!!12/27/2011Report a Violation
Hi shipper,you say that the person you are buying it from is going to prep for you mean putting new tires and making sure the bearing are good and greased.Do you think the trailer would be ready on the 29th or 30th.If so I could do the Transport,by towing,for $890.Please let me Know ThanksReport a Violation
Response: Hello! Thank you for your interest! The seller likes to wrench and his old lady is a certified mechanic, so they will handle the prep, including repacking the bearings. He said at this point that the tires looked good, he will report back once tested. They have been sitting as has the coach, since 1997. I will definitely have that information soon, as he tows her down road from where she has sat. There definitely is a possibility that she will be ready to go before the first- is the 29/30th your only window? Thanks again!12/18/2011Report a Violation
I can (haul) not tow for you..on my flat bed for right at 1000.. if that is close let me know and I will place a formal bid..ThanksReport a Violation
Response: Hello! Thank you for your interest. I noticed all the bids at that price point or under are for tows only. Are you filling a "deadhead" i think the term is? I looked you up right quick and noticed you have dealer plates, which might be helpful bc I was just made aware that there are back fees, problems with the title that may not be resolved before transport. Also that you have tools, which may also prove helpful in case of the unexpected! Let me ask you, as the seller is willing to do the prepwork at a fee, I would not need him to do so were it to be flatbedded, that is correct? Thank you for your time!12/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: correct..just some air in the tires makes it better to load. maybe I can help with the dmv stuff to12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Currently the seller is checking with the DMV, apparently back fees from 1997 total over $500. He will report back on that soon. I will post the resolution, and thank you!12/19/2011Report a Violation
Shipper, What a great coach. Have you ahd a chance to talk with the seller about the progress of getting her ready? If you are good with towing on the road I can promise you 55 to 58 mph would be the max speed. If it is put on a step-deck then a driver may be inclined to go 62 to 67 mph since he would not be worried about a tire blow out or brake issues. Just a thought for you to consider. We can moved this for around the first part of Jan if that works. Thanks, Robert~HTS~Report a Violation
Response: Hi Robert! Thank you so much for asking! The seller is prepared to do the prep, yes, he said the tires look good- at this point- and that he will repack bearings etc. He is a gearhead and his old lady is a certified mechanic so I would like to think between the two of them, she will be ready to roll! I think I am also looking for the first week or so in january, he still has to tow her from where she is. My timeline is fairly open, and the seller has been absolutely wonderful to work with! Now, I have only towed horses and harleys, so forgive my ignorance- when you say that a driver may go faster with a stepdeck transport, what are you thinking could go wrong? Like that if the stepdeck had a blowout that that could obviously cause damage to the coach? The stepdeck or lowboy transport sounded like the best option for the reason that she will be up off the road and less potential for damage but you have given me pause for thought! Please let me know what you mean, thanks!12/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: Here are just a few thoughts for you to consider. With a step-deck/lowbed the trailer would be off the ground. But if towed at a higher spped the wind damage to any loose sheet metal or windows /vents would increase in possibilties. Most step-deck trailer do not have a winch, this means the trailer needs to hooked to a truck or tractor and pushed onto the trailer. Same is true to off load at your end. Can that be done on your end?? Is there room at the delivery location for a truck and trailer that will be 65' + long with room to roll the trailer off? Do you have a way to move the trailer at your end? If you choose to have us tow it to you then slower speed/wind influence placed upon the trailer. We can place the trailer just about any place you need at the delivery location. At low cost trip permit can be purchased to cover the move. Or registration can be handled if you need help with that. 12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Wow. I knew I did not know have much experience here, but you are bringing up possibilities I did not realize existed!! Considering it is just a residential street and not enormous, maybe a stepdeck that won't work.. Unless I want to store her somewhere, and I would like to be able to work on her at home! I will have to ask a tow truck driver friend but I am thinking a 65' long rig would have a problem with drop off, though I might be "being a girl" with that.. 12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Big rigs take up alot of space. I have been in this business driving trucks for almost 30 years. No matter how good a driver is, if the truck won't fit in a given space, it just won't fit. I am pretty sure you can buy new tires and have it towed down for less than a lowbed would charge to deliver it. And then you would still need tires anyway at some point. If you will consider having it towed down I can send you a bid for consideration. Let me know, Thanks, Robert12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi again Robert, you are sure right about that- you can't park an elephant in a closet!! :0 I am just trying to get the most economical/SAFEST transport for her, she is only one of a handful of this model remaining and I am going to have to just short of forego eating to rescue her ;) I will absolutely consider a tow, especially now that you brought the rig size issue to my attention. Thank you!!12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Those old trailers were built more like a house than a trailer. We moved one not long ago that had all iron pipe for plumbing and a residential gas water heater. The wood was solid and the walls were built much stronger then. This also makes the coach heavy. We could get her down here for $975 - $995. In that range would be a safe bet unless fuel prices spike real soon.12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hello, thank you for your interest in my old girl! Yes, they were built by aircraft engineers and that must be why so many are still around in restorable condition. Although I have never seen iron plumbing or an actual residential water gas water heater- only copper (or swapped out to PVC) and small undermount units. The walls are all aluminum framing inside, amazing to me! I am still ironing out the details with the seller so let me ask you this, did you have a timeframe? Thank you again very much!12/27/2011Report a Violation
Response: Our time frame is flexible. Depending on what we have in the works and who or what comes up for transport. Jan 4th to the 7th is open. Jan 16th to the 19th is open. Let me know what works best for you. Thanks, Robert~HTS~12/28/2011Report a Violation
One more thing about towing the coach. Tires that are more than 4 years old and have been idle (not moved) very much will most likely fail. If you plan to use the trailer at all in the future, new tires should be placed on the trailer. The tires will often "look good" but they dry out and crack then come apart causing damage to the body/skin of the trailer. They will most likely last long enough to get the trailer to a tire dealer, but not 400 miles. Just a thought. Thanks Robert~HTS~Report a Violation
Response: I think you are right on that and I meant to tell the seller. I would hate to be "penny wise and pound foolish" and have a blowout en route, as you described, resulting in even more work needed. Thank you very much for that, Robert!12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: If it works out for you, we could take it to have tires put on for you up near the pick up location. Then bring it down. Let me know.12/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi there! I have not yet worked out all the details with the seller, who I mentioned previously in my responses, he is willing to do the necessary prep work- at a price. I am glad to see there are other options for getting her roadworthy, so thank you for your offer!! 12/27/2011Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for getting back to me. Just wanted to bring up some different ideas. Robert~HTS~12/28/2011Report a Violation
If you review my profile you will see one just like this one I hauled. But it was a 50' coach! I know the precautions needed, and my 100% positive feedback for the past 7 years has been earned for good reasons. These vintage jewels need some serious TLC. And I will do this for you a fair wage, but wont be the cheap one, just the right one. Since you have had several responses here, I hope you will value the feedback and the "Power Carrier" status. Let me know how you fair out with the seller and whether or not you end up with new tread. Highly recommended too! Good Luck!Report a Violation
Response: Hi, I very much appreciate your approach to transporting these "vintage jewels" and I would love to know if you have any idea what I would be looking at, price-wise, with the various options there are as far as prep required and towing vs trailering, etc. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading your response!12/27/2011Report a Violation
Response: Reyna, Thanks for your interest in working with me here! Your investment in this needs to be treated as such, and your invested interest is going to be a factor here. The aluminium skins on these are pretty much irreplaceable! So getting dinged up on the road trip is a valid concern and issue. These were designed to be towed and not transported on trailers that sit higher up on the road and ALOT more susceptible to getting pelted by rocks and other debris. When towed by my truck it (my truck) gets the pelting and actually provides alot better barrier to protect your coach! I have transported both ways and wouldn't have this up in the air to potentially get damaged easier. Tires may be an issue and if they are dry rotted, replace them. But if they have been covered they may still be good. I will monitor them on a constant basis! I will help you out here for 1300 bucks in my pocket. So the expense of the add will be added in to the total bid. Let me know the earliest date for delivery.12/27/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi there! You very succinctly articulated the surprise I learned about trailering- again, I have only towed horses and harleys- so initially I believed that up on a stepdeck was the safest option. That may hold true, if there were say a bad blowout or something, like an accident. But just as you described, the rig towing her will take the brunt of the "road rash" as it comes. I understand now, thanks to the wonderful community of transporters here!! ;) Now, your quote is for towing once I have all the prep work completed, correct? Let me ask you this, and this may be very ignorant.. But generally, if someone repacks bearings and tires are new, this means the transport is properly prepared? Of course, there are many unforeseeable things that can go wrong between points A and B. Thank you for your time!12/28/2011Report a Violation
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