Small Wurlitzer console piano 1940's

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Small Wurlitzer console piano 1940's
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Small Wurlitzer console piano 1940's
  • Console
  • 2 ft 1 in. 
  • 4 ft 8 in. 
  • 3 ft 4 in. 
  • 300 lbs
  • Yes
I already have the bench, so you would only be moving the piano.
Additional Information: The measurements here are approximate, taken from other Wurlitzer console measurements/weight from a similar era that I found on the internet. It is a very small piano and the previous owner was able to wheel it out of his garage by himself on the small casters. The piano would be moved from a garage in Roxboro to a house in Durham. I have three steps up to my front porch, no railings, and have double front doors into the living room. The piano would be moved into the living room. Report a Violation
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I could do this one next week for you at a lower rate if you have the flexibility of a few days... Thanks.. ChadReport a Violation
Response: We have a lot of flexibility, what day/time and rate did you have in mind?8/1/2011Report a Violation
Response: I bid 225.00 already... What is your highest price you will go? Not sure on the day yet as I have other shipments pending but it would be early in the week... I think Tuesday am.... 8/1/2011Report a Violation
Response: I was hoping to keep the cost under $120. It will cost me about $60 to rent a UHaul and do it myself. I have also shipped an entire 9 piece dining set from New Jersey to NC via UShip for $250, so a bid of $225 for a piano to travel 35 miles seems steep. I may be able to arrange for labor (who has experience moving pianos) to help get the piano off the truck, depending on the time of day.8/1/2011Report a Violation
Response: Yeah, and I've done shipments for cheaper as well. And I have moved plenty of bigger pianos so this is relatively simple with the smaller size.... I am just not local to NC and would do it while I am in your area next week... I will consider 120.00... I know it's not far at all..8/1/2011Report a Violation
Response: If you would consider $120, then I suppose it would depend on the time. I have to be in court on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., so I probably wouldn't be available Tuesday morning, now that I am looking at my calendar. I am free that afternoon and every other day next week.8/1/2011Report a Violation
Response: I could possibly do this one the weekend of August 13th. I have a few things pending and will know in a day or two... I will re-bid for 100 if you will let me do it then.... I am still working on some things coming South but they almost seem final... Be a little patient and I'll give ya a good rate... Thanks... Chad8/2/2011Report a Violation
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