Sleeper Sofa & Loveseat

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Customer:Fallon H.
Date Listed:12/6/2006 11:39 AM CST
Date Updated: 1/10/2007 9:52 AM CST
Ended: 3/11/2007 12:00 AM CST
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Est. Distance: 1,491.00 Miles
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Sleeper Sofa & Loveseat
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What is your target? If i get this other AZ. haul i could take yours for around $750.00 for what you listed. Leave on the 28th or 29th and go directly. Bigspot007Report a Violation
Response: I changed the contents that I need moved. Does this change your moving quote? I would like 2 couches moved out here for as little $$ as possible. I may wait awhile to have it moved out here depending on how much it will cost me. 12/26/2006Report a Violation
I would do it for same price with 1/2 up front and we have camera phones and you can access anytime day or night we can send a photo to your cell phone so you can track shipment. We have basic insurance on our rigs and trailers. We try and keep it simple and pass the savings to you. I feel that is a very good price for your belongings and we can help you load and unload. I will make a formal bid only if you would like. Bigspot007Report a Violation
Response: I am still unsure if I want to have it shipped so I will pass for now, but thank you for following up. Happy Holidays!12/26/2006Report a Violation
I do not have references on this sight as i have not been listed on here but a couple of weeks. I have been hauling cross country for over 1.5 million miles accident free and then had to retire three years ago due to a life threatening liver problem. I could not pass D.O.T. physical because of medications i was taken at the time so i had to tutn cdl's in. I have made tremendous progress health wise and have recently decided to make one long run per month. If you would like a background check ,i have nothing to hide at all, but at the same token i got back into this to have a little income and no headaches. I do not mean this ugly at all but if you are by nature a person that feels like most people are out to burn you then i am not the hauler for you. I am very laid back and am just going to make hauls that are stress free and hopefully help those people that need helping. Unfortunatly it makes it hard to build trust the way uship is set up. Thats all i know to say.Have a blessed day!Report a Violation
Hello, I will be coming through Tennessee from South Carolina on my way to Nevada weekend of February 17th. I noticed you were not in a big hurry. I could pick up your sofas and deliver them within 1-2 days for around $300.00. I would need assistance loading and unloading. I am very strong and should only need one other person on both ends as I am travelling alone. Perhaps we can help each other out. Thank you for your consideration. Stobo of Stobosmoving. Report a Violation
Response: Just to be clear, you would charge $300 for a sleeper sofa (pretty heavy!) and a Love seat (not very heavy) from Cordova, TN to Scottsdale, AZ? How does this work? Payment upon delivery, or half before and after? No problem with loading and unloading help. Is your truck covered? The couches are fairly new so I just want to make sure they arrive in good condition. Let me know your thoughts, I am pretty interested in your offer! Thanks!1/8/2007Report a Violation
Hello again! I will try to answer your questions as best I can. Yes, I can move both sofas. I will be travelling in an E-350 Van with an 8.5 X 20 ft. trailer behind it. I will only be about half full. I will have plenty of room for your sofa and love seat. I have been in the moving business for 13 years and have moved, literally thousands of sofas. They will both be wrapped in shrink wrap and moving blankets for the duration of the move. The weight is not really a factor (I don't charge by the pound) just the space. I am heading your way anyway and I am looking to make my trip a bit more profitable. You get a move for a lot less money and I get to add to the move I am doing anyway. As far as payment. I would need $100.00 (check is fine for this portion)in advance and the other $200.00 upon delivery (preferrably cash for my protection). Thanks, Stobo of Stobosmoving.Report a Violation
Response: That sounds good to me. I am pretty sure I will take you up on your offer, let me talk with my fiance and I will give you a definite answer by Wednesday 1/10/07 if that's ok. Thanks!1/8/2007Report a Violation
Sounds good. No rush. I assume you have read in my first inquiry that this would be February, not January. If all looks good to you let me know and I will put in a formal bid. Upon your acceptance of my bid, Uship will send us contact information for the other. I appreciate your interest. Stobo of Stobosmoving.Report a Violation
Response: A lower offer was made on my furniture that I have decided to take. It turns out to be a little more convenient for me because I am currently borrowing furniture that needs to be returned at the end of this month. i appreciate your interest and the way you were willing to work with me. I wish you the best of luck!1/9/2007Report a Violation
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