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Customer:Jason D.
Date Listed:12/10/2007 10:35 AM CST
Date Updated: 12/14/2007 8:45 AM CST
Ended: 12/17/2007 10:35 AM CST
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Construction Site
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  • 120 Foot all steel ship hull on shore of vaccant lot needs demo and removed.
  • Ship is 22 feet wide 20 feet tall and 120 feet long.
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do i get to keep scrap metalReport a Violation
Response: You want the scrap then there is no charge to us.12/11/2007Report a Violation
Response: lf you want this moved where do you want it moved to 12/12/2007Report a Violation
Response: Pensacola scrap yard is the destination, or placed in roll off dumpsters provided by the scrapyard. the remaining double hull, transom, decks, walls, and all scrap steel of the 120 ft vessel are to be destroyed. the pensacola scrap yard pays well, however there could be another location I am unaware of. I am sure the origional 200 ton vessel still carries enough scrap to pull ten plus thousand. our rough calculations at $.06 cents were $14,800.00 since I have been so fortunate with this project thus far I thought it in the Holiday "SPIRIT" to give the scrap to someone who would not only be able to complete the project yet would also enjoy turning a profit. if you haul it for me then you recieve the wage and I make the profit. If you take the burdon of this off my hands soon... then I will appriciate it and let the scraps be payment in full. What is it you do for a profession? Sorry, I appriciate your intrest and am here to help. Thank you for your interest.12/12/2007Report a Violation
if i remove can i scrape the steel send me picture Report a Violation
Response: I had to put an additional ad up due to not modifying an ad with current bids, there are two old photographs, under the same heading SCRAP STEEL SHIP HULL. Thank you.12/13/2007Report a Violation
I can have one of my drivers there at your convenience to remove the whole shipment- no charge to you??? Let me know.Report a Violation
Response: I am uploading old photos and looking for current ones, if you keep the 14,000+ dollars in scrap steel from this double hull 120 foot long 22 foot wide 20+ foot tall ship . May I ask for a share in the return? if kept in or paid even a small amount I am sure I would let you. do you have an offer? Thank You,12/13/2007Report a Violation
i dont know if you know but we cant give you an e-mail add unless you acept a bid i am intrersted in the project thats why i bid 20 dollors if you could add a pic to the listing it would be great thanks robertReport a Violation
Response: I thank you for your inquiry, However If you want to scrap my 120 foot all steel double hull ship that weigs hundreds of thousands of pounds and you wish to keep the profit I would greatly appreciate a larger bid. Serieously, the ship is registered and has documented weight. I would love it cut up and scrapped, however I would greatly enjoy paying the few thousand in costs I still owe on it. please let me know. Thank you.12/13/2007Report a Violation
Response: hi i dident mean to insult you with a $20 bid its hard to bid on something you cant see i am willing to go much higher around $3500 if there is anyway to send pictures i think we could strike a deal also is the vessal at the location on the address you put on the map Thanks Robert12/13/2007Report a Violation
Response: Robert, The Boat is located at the zip code given, it is a cleared property with a boat launch and the remains of a dock from before Hurricane Ivan. The property has a suitable boat launch and blacktop facilities or the ship can be towed to a more suitable location if you prefer, pensacola scrap yard has a waterfront facility on Bayou Chico. The Bridge to Santa rosa Island from Navarre is at the intersection of the boat. it is the only bridge in navarre crossing the sound to the island. the boat is on the mainland eastern side. If you have any questions for me I will respond promptly. P.S. Was not insulted, Just had alot of persons ask if they could take it off my hands and was trying to answer alot of oersons with a strong note of we know what the hull is worth, we own it, we stripped it to the steel and have weights and calculations on it. Again, Thank you for your interest. Jason.12/14/2007Report a Violation
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