Roadtrip to my new home!

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Roadtrip to my new home!
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Roadtrip to my new home!

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Additional Information: My Fiance(Justin) has been working in Florida in the winter. Justin came home to visit and while he was home he recieved a phone call that his bosses son had found a puppy on one of the job sites. The guys asked around and no one seemed to know anything about the puppy so now him and Justin are best friends. The problem is Justin bought his ticket home for March 2nd before Buddy came along. Buddy is to big to fly on Jet blue and we dont feel comfortable putting him in a crate in the bottom of a plane. Buddy rides great, he goes to work with Justin everyday, stays by his side off the leash, listens to all basic commands, and is just a happy loving puppy that wants a ride to his forever home. We hope that one of you that reads this can help us. Thank you :) Report a Violation
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Hi Shana, we would love to pick up Buddy on 2/28 & he will be home 3/1. We are an established NY pet transporters with great reviews privately and thru UShip. Please click on our bid for our info & reviews. Thank you~LilyReport a Violation
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