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Rex 4mo old mix very submisive

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Shipment Title:Rex 4mo old mix...
Shipment ID: 549800545
Customer:jdizzle47 (4)
Date Listed:3/6/2014 9:38 PM CST
Date Updated: 3/27/2014 10:44 AM CST
Ended: 3/20/2014 9:38 PM CST
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Auction Goods:No
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Est. Distance: 1,946.00 Miles
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Rex 4mo old mix very submisive

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 30 lbs

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Additional Information: soldier is etsing in july wants to keep pup has to sell house in tx sending pup to grandpas for a few mo till he gets up there thax i hope u can help. does not have a carrier but if u need one ill buy one Report a Violation
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Helpful hint: Since it's for active duty military, uship will usually designate the shipment as "charitable" which gets you lower quotes.Report a Violation
Response: we don't mind paying we just don't want to lose our dog we really need to send them up by the end of next week otherwise we have to send them to the pound we just don't have any other place to keep them3/7/2014Report a Violation
Hi we are coming your way this week and can pick up your pup and take it to your Granpas. Are you still needing transport? Report a Violation
Response: yes please 254. We really 702 need him shipped 4553 what day do you think you're going to come and pick him up3/10/2014Report a Violation
Leaving Monday if that will help. Bid is all inclusive... all I need is Rex..current rabies..some food he's use to so we don't get an upset tummy.Report a Violation
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