Residential move. We load/unload, you haul

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Shipment Title:Residential move...
Shipment ID: 406958214
Customer:Michelle G.
Date Listed:9/6/2012 5:23 PM CST
Date Updated: 11/18/2012 7:24 PM CST
Ended: 9/16/2012 5:23 PM CST
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Auction Goods:No
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Est. Distance: 1,046.00 Miles
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Residential move. We load/unload, you haul

Total Number of Items: 1

Total Weight: 15000 lbs

Special Permit Required: No

On a truck or trailer: No

Preferred truck or trailer type:

Needs assistance loading: No

Needs assistance unloading: No

  •  100
  •  No packaging required
  •  15000 lbs
  • 32 ft 0 in. 
Has transit restrictions: No
Full 4 bedroom residential move from zip 92592 to 97140. Approx 15,000lbs. Report a Violation
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Hi Michelle, It seems like you need a truck and driver, if you do, I can provide you a moving air ride moving trailer/tractor combination or a 35' straight truck that can carry over 15,000 lb. both trucks will come with a class a driver and the trailer or truck will come fully equipped to handle your move, Dates are important since the end and the begining of each month is the most busy, so if you are serious about the targeted move date, we will need a commitment 3-5 weeks in advance so we can have enough time to find a return trip. The insurance provided under this type of service, would be cargo coverage, and your goods will be insured for up to 50,000 in the event of a total loss applicable during transit times. Michelle, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you. Luis.Report a Violation
Response: Hi Luis, Thanks for your interest and question. The date for a move from Temecula is important, and is planned for October 31st. We are willing to bump up that load date to the 30th if needed, but we would like to be unloading in Oregon that weekend (Nov 2nd or 3rd). If it's something you are interested in and can provide me with a quote, I would greatly appreciate it as soon as possible. Thank you, Michelle9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Dear Michelle, based on the cubic ft. you have represented , we are able to provide you with a 53' trailer, dedicated to the dates you have targeted. I can provide you with the services you want, please know the dates you want to move are dedicated, also it is a bit difficult to get a load out of Washington, mostly because of the season, summer time is another story. So we would be looking at driving empty back to California, so the most ahead of time you reserve, will allow for me or other carriers to look for a return trip. In essence, this move must be quoted by weight, so a flat fee is to your advantage. M.A.S. is also able to quote you by weight if you prefer at .45 cents per lb. with a minimum of 5000 lbs. FYI= Michelle, who ever you use, reserve with at least 3-5 weeks in advance. If you do decide on our services: my trailer will be equipped with moving pads, dollies, ramps, strap, we have 27 years experience. Thank you. Luis.9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for the info Luis. The quoted price is just too high. We have been quoted $6,500 to load, haul and unload from moving companies, so for the extra $1k, we would rather not do the loading and unloading ourselves. I'm looking for a price that would make it work us doing the work. Thank you! Michelle9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Hi Michelle, my new offer is 4800.00 provided you book with us today, This rate is for no touch, providing one 53' trailer equipped for moving, including strap, 50 pads, ramps, dollies. targeted on the date you want, with one day for loading and one day for unloading. Let me know Thank you. Luis. 9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Thanks Luis. It still might be too high, but I will talk with my husband. I won't be able to book today...another bid is coming in, and we will need to consider that as well. What do you expect transit time to be, and can dates be guaranteed? Will we be only load on the truck?9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Dear Michelle, These are guarantee dates, the transit time to Washington is 2-3 days with one driver, you will be the only one on board, this is a dedicated trailer to you, I will hold my rate until the end on tomorrow. Please know that you will have one day to load and one day to unload. The insurance we will provide is only for cargo coverage in the event of a total loss during transit is $ 50,000. If you wish additional coverage, I recommend the first option is to check with your home owners insurance, they may cover you when you move with a licensed carrier, which we are. Or you may purchase additional coverage through us. Thank you. luis.9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Just wanted to make sure you knew it was Oregon we are moving to, not Washington. Thanks9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Yes, I realize I made an error, this is why I made a change on the rate. Hope we can be of service. My equipment is clean and ready. Thank you. Luis.9/10/2012Report a Violation
Hello. This is Titan Moving Services. Did you have a particular date in mind? Thank you. Robert Report a Violation
Response: Hi Robert, Yes, we are looking at loading up on October 31st (Wednesday. Temecula, CA) and would like the truck to arrive in Sherwood, Oregon that weekend, November 2nd or 3rd. If you are interested and can provide an approx. quote as soon as possible I would appreciate it. We are trying to book a company this week. Thank You, Michelle9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: I would have made a bid, but i noticed your weight of 15,000 lbs. I would only be able to offer a 26' truck and 6 x 12 trailer. Robert 9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: Hi Robert, Thanks for letting me know. We have been quoted at abt 15,000lbs from 2 moving companies, so I am sure that number is pretty close to accurate. Seems like so much, but I'd hate to be over on what I tell someone.9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: How many bedrooms? Did they say how many cubic feet? Weight is not an issue for me. Robert9/10/2012Report a Violation
Response: 4 bedrooms, plus office and bonus (Kids toys and light entertainment center). I don't think they said cubic feet, but I will check today in the bid and let you know. Thanks again. Michelle9/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: O.K. Robert9/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: Looks like they have us down for approx 28' trailer plus 5' of another trailer.9/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: Alright. I can offer a 26' truck and a 6' x 12' x 5' enclosed trailer. I won't be able to guarantee everything can fit, but can offer a lower bid than the current one. Would you like me to bid? Robert 9/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: OK, I can deal with that possibility. We are driving up a full size truck and Suburban too, so maybe we can just throw a little extra in them if we need to...or a last minute trip to U-Haul. :) Please also let me know if blankets, straps, and fuel will be included in your quote. It is completely about price right now. If we are going to do the loading and unloading ourselves, we really want it to be worth it or we'll just pay to have a larger moving companies that have quoted us do the whole thing. Thank you! Michelle9/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: Understood. My bid will be $4400. This includes everything: truck, trailer, fuel, blankets, straps, and labor at both ends. No other fees would be charged. Robert 9/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: OK, Robert. Thank you. Do you offer a price option where we do the labor in case we want to go that route? Are the dates OK with you? Leave Oct 31st (Wednesday) and arrive over the weekend (November 3rd, 4th)?9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for the info on the safe. Yes, if you would want to load yourself, the bid would be $4100. The pick up and delivery dates are good with me. Robert 9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: If I send you an inventory list would that help at all to give you an idea if our things would fit between your two trucks/trailers?9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: Since the list would be so extensive, I don't believe it would help. You could list a dresser, but there are small ones as well as very large ones. The truck is specified to hold 4-5 bedrooms. However, no 2 same size moves are ever the same. Total boxes are a big factor, but no one knows that number until the end. Robert 9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: No problem. We just had an estimate done for moving that included their "inventory" in the estimate, so I thought maybe that would help.9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: I see. Just wanted to be clear that it would be so1 truck and trailer. Please let me know if you would like me to place my bid. Robert 9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: Yes, that would be great.9/12/2012Report a Violation
Response: O.K. i will place it now. Roberts9/12/2012Report a Violation
I did forget to ask about type of furniture. Would anything be considered unusually large and/or heavy? Is there a piano? Robert Report a Violation
Response: Hi Robert. There is no piano, and nothing really large/heavy furniture wise, but we do have a gun safe. It is a Liberty - Patriot Series. Not incredibly heavy though, and it has already been through 3 moves.9/12/2012Report a Violation
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