Rescue Chihuahua (maybe 2)

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Date Listed:3/4/2014 2:20 PM CST
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Ended: 3/18/2014 2:20 PM CST
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Rescue Chihuahua (maybe 2)

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 10 lbs

  • Yes
  • Honestly don't know if the pet will have special needs other than it will need to be kept warm, watered and fed, and have bathroom breaks. Maybe held and assured. I am looking to rescue a dog out of a kill shelter.
  • Small
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Hi, please check my feedback. I have successfully shipped more than 200 pets Via Air in the cabin of the plane with me. My service is kind of unique. I transport via commercial airlines. Your baby will be hand carried into the cabin of the plane and ride in style in climate control cabin with either my husband or I, never leaving our side. I will supply the carrier (12x12x20) for travel. In most cases a Health Certificate is NOT required. I have checked my flight options and airline fees and could offer same day service from airport to airport for $695. This is a time sensitive offer. Please let me know if you have any questions, Lu-AnneReport a Violation
hi i can do for 475.Report a Violation
Response: Hi thanks for your reply. What means of transportation are you talking about? Can you give me a little more specific detail? Thanks. I haven't heard back from you and would like to know the method of transportation you would be using. If you would be flying, I could meet you in Rochester, Syracuse or Buffalo. Thanks! Lisa3/4/2014Report a Violation
Response: Sorry for the late response. Yes in cabin with me he will be transported. And I can bring him to either of the airports listed. Please advise3/6/2014Report a Violation
Hi Lisa, would you consider ground transportation? We could pick up by March 17/19. Driving a full size van with dual climate control, door to door service includes carrier for the trip, some bedding, disposable bowls, bottled water, some treats, potty/exercise breaks every 3/4 hours or when needed, daily updates with pics. Please advise when possible. Thanks.Report a Violation
Response: Hello, I would like more information. How long would the trip take? Are there a lot of other dogs on the Van? Would you be stopping along the way or you take turns driving? What would the cost be? Thanks and I look forward to your reply! Lisa3/7/2014Report a Violation
Has the got any behavorial concerns? My daughter and I are leaving 03/10 for LA to drive back a pickup that I bought. Will the dog be able to be handled without nipping at us? We live in Penn Yan and I work in Geneva, so we would be very close. We are dog owners. Thanks GCWReport a Violation
Response: Thank you for your offer. I'm not sure when you responded but I just got your email today, 3/10. She does not have behavioral problems that I know of. I am told she is a sweetheart. But she is getting spayed today and will not be ready for a few days anyway. Are you driving back to NYS or flying?3/10/2014Report a Violation
Response: Sorry for delay but that wouldn't have worked.3/13/2014Report a Violation
Hello Lisa, I maybe able to help you out with this. I can pick up 3/19-3/20. Then I have a transport going to florida where I would spend a couple of days til I found a transport from there to NY. Delivery would be about 10 days from pick up maybe sooner. I would make plenty of stops for breaks as I have a chihuahua and know. Your pet/s would have full run of my of my crew cab truck and no other pets.$600 total price and I wont charge anymore if you decide on 2. Please let me know if this works or any questions, Thanks HumbleservantReport a Violation
Response: Thanks but that is way longer I want her on the road and I think I have found another option. Thank you again.3/14/2014Report a Violation
Response: In case you something happens, I will be getting a hotel room in Cali and I have a home in florida that I will be staying at. I wont be on the road the whole time, just so you know in case you need me to do this. Thanks3/14/2014Report a Violation
Response: Thank you ... That's great to know.3/14/2014Report a Violation
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