Puppy for travel

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Shipment Title:Puppy for travel
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Customer:Shari M.
Date Listed:1/30/2014 12:25 PM CST
Date Updated: 4/14/2014 10:06 AM CST
Ended: 3/13/2014 5:31 PM CST
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Puppy for travel

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 50 lbs

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We have a trip scheduled to FL around March 27/30, please let us know if this dates would work for you and what your budget for the three pets, thanks. Report a Violation
Response: I'm sorry, I wish this was possible; there is nobody there to take care of all three pets. I'm moving there so I will need them to go around or after the date of April 29 so I can take care of them. Thanks for your offer though!! 1/31/2014Report a Violation
Hi, are you still needing the puppy transported and what is your budget for this?Report a Violation
Response: Hi, yes I'll need for it to be done in April, around the time I'm moving due to I'm the only person to take care of the puppy. My budget is about $100 as I also have two other cats to transport as well. 2/6/2014Report a Violation
Response: What date are you looking for pickup and delivery?2/9/2014Report a Violation
Response: I'm looking for around April 28 for pick up and after the 29th for the delivery.2/9/2014Report a Violation
Shari....... I need a response to our last message before I can give you definite answer & bid.Report a Violation
Response: Bill! I've been trying to contact you somehow but since you cancelled your bid, it cut off any contacts I had with you. Now finally I get through! Ha :) About your question, I was planning on flying so I won't have much stuff with me, maybe two suitcases, two small/medium boxes and and a backpack. I was planning on leaving the large painting my dad gave to me but since you can haul stuff, I would like to ship this also, it's 36"x71". How much would that be? I've road tripped so many times, I'm used to sleeping in vehicles. It won't be a problem for me at all. I will certainly pay my own food, drinks, etc. I'm so happy that you found me, I've found the answer to the problem of getting to Florida with all of my three babies! :) you're a godsend. Is this the way you asked me to talk to you through? Or is it the other way? I'm still new at this.... The rules also say no email or phone numbers but I want to contact you outside of this for easier communication...? If not, it's ok.2/16/2014Report a Violation
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