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Shipment Title:Oxygen Bar
Shipment ID: 680190116
Customer:Neil S.
Date Listed:2/7/2012 1:54 AM CST
Date Updated: 2/11/2012 4:21 PM CST
Ended: 2/24/2012 7:51 AM CST
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Oxygen Bar
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Business (without loading dock or forklift)
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Est. Distance: 955.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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Oxygen Bar
Total furniture items: 1
Total Weight: 150 lbs
Palletized: No
Crated: No
Stackable: No
This is an oxygen bar and accessories that you can see in the picture below. It is not too big and it can be completely disassembled and reassembled without using tools. Also the tall sign that is over it in the picture is disassembled so it should be easier to move. Here is a link to the bars dimensions. This link is to a picture of the assembled item new from the manufacturer. Thank You
L: 6 ft 6 in.  W: 2 ft 2 in.  H: 3 ft 6 in. 
150 lbs
Additional Information: I could possibly meet somewhere if it is beneficial to both parties. Report a Violation
White Glove, Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard, Courier Service
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whats your target price. will it be apart and wrapped in any wayReport a Violation
Response: My target is about $300. It is assembled at a tanning salon. But from reading on the website of the manufacturer it comes apart without using any tools. Please let me know what price you are looking at. Thank You2/7/2012Report a Violation
Response: i was thinking $550 but i'm not allowed to take it apart they would. only thing i would need apart might be top part. 6 ft 6in might not stand in the truck2/7/2012Report a Violation
Response: I can do it for $390 if you are interested. Thanks2/11/2012Report a Violation
Response: i can do 450 if they load2/11/2012Report a Violation
Hello, Can this be palletized? Emmy with mi logistics, NC Report a Violation
Response: I believe that it could but I am not sure what all that involves. Thanks2/8/2012Report a Violation
Response: You can pick up a standard sized pallet (48x40) at most local retailers for free on a truck day. Basically secure your freight really well to it or get it crated for the safety of the freight during transit. Crating is honestly the best way for things to travel just in case anything might happen. Most carriers do not pick up loose items for the safety of the freight. Let me know if you have anymore questions! 2/9/2012Report a Violation
are you buyer/receiver im ken based in chatam va. i can possibly do this ken@ farmshipper4uNot in Violation
Response: Hey I am the buyer and I live in Hattiesburg Ms. Let me know if you are interested in doing it. Thanks2/8/2012Report a Violation
Can YOU (or whomever is on the shipping end) get this palletized or boxed or crated? – If so I’ll give you a great shipping rate – We can’t touch your item if loose – nor do we offer any packaging services - Andy with American Group Shipping / ShippingSimplifiedReport a Violation
Response: I don't think that the seller will box it so it will have to be shipped loose. Thanks2/9/2012Report a Violation
hey this is ken i tried to get back to you but i guess page expired did u ship?Report a Violation
Response: No I have not shipped yet I sent you a message earlier asking a couple of questions. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks2/10/2012Report a Violation
can you have it broken down and ready to shipReport a Violation
Response: The top sign is off of it but other than that I don't think that the person that I am buying it from wants to have to do anything. It is like it is in that one picture that I took of it. I have some pictures of the dimensions on the listing. I still need to ship it let me know if your interested. Thanks2/10/2012Report a Violation
does the oxygen bar still need shippedReport a Violation
Response: Yes it does2/11/2012Report a Violation
Would you be willing to change the dates to 3/09/12 - 3/11/12. We will be delivering to Mississippi between these dates. Please let us know. Thank you, Jamie & MikeReport a Violation
can you box,crate or secure the items to a pallet? ty elitemoversReport a Violation
Response: No unfortunately it will have to be moved as is. Thanks2/11/2012Report a Violation
I have a load to pick up end of next week in Virginia coming to Alabama. I will "book it now" if it can be transported on an open flatbed.Report a Violation
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