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One small Corgi Austin to El Paso

Listing Information
Shipment Title:One small Corgi ...
Shipment ID: 683542666
Customer:Robert E.
Date Listed:1/19/2014 12:42 PM CST
Date Updated: 1/22/2014 12:07 PM CST
Ended: 1/24/2014 12:42 PM CST
Budget: Place Bid
# of Bids: 1 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 581.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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One small Corgi Austin to El Paso

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 18 lbs

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Does your dog like riding inside a vehicle or does it prefer the kennel? I have an extended cab truck full-size Chevrolet. Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for asking. She prefers riding inside the vehicle. She likes sitting in the passenger seat and does well the entire trip. She usually takes a nap on longer rides.1/20/2014Report a Violation
Response: I will be in Austin tomorrow and have to go up to Mesquite then I will be heading west, my final destination is Phoenix, AZ. It might be early Wednesday before I can get to El Paso. If this is okay with you then I will post a bid of $1001/20/2014Report a Violation
Response: sounds good. how do I get in touch with you directly? ok great. I received your bid/offer. thanks. Just to confirm: You can pick up the puppy tomorrow in Austin and deliver it to El Paso on Wednesday morning/afternoon?1/20/2014Report a Violation
Response: Per Uship you can't - unless you accept the bid. Then they will give you all my information1/20/2014Report a Violation
Hi Robert, does your Corgi still need a ride, thanks.Report a Violation
Response: Hi Yes she does still need a ride to El Paso. Can you take her this week? If so: When can you pick her up? When will she arrive in El Paso? How much? THanks! Robert1/20/2014Report a Violation
Yes, pickup tomorrow in Austin and deliver to El Paso Wednesday morning before noon. Report a Violation
Robert we could pick her up early Friday morning (1/24)and deliver that evening, she would receive water, food and breaks along the way. Our total bid would be $286, thank you in advance Superior transport TxReport a Violation
Accepted Bid
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Accepted 1/20
5.0/5 | 184 reviews
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