Need someone to Pick-up, Box and ship item to me.

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Date Listed:1/13/2010 6:47 PM CST
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Ended: 1/20/2010 12:00 AM CST
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Need someone to Pick-up, Box and ship item to me.
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Need someone to Pick-up, Box and ship item to me.
  • Item is a trimpro automatik. It weighs roughly 75lbs max.
  • 1 ft 6 in. 
  • 1 ft 6 in. 
  • 1 ft 8 in. 
  • 75 lbs
I need you to pick out a box from the UPS store (etc) that will fit the item (18x18x20) and buy foam to fill in around it and tape to seal it. These costs should be included in your "bid" to do this service. Also Include the shipping costs in your bid.
It is a will call only item and needs to be picked up from the property room LA, California location. I will add the winners name to the list to pick up the item and this will allow them to release it to you. I will also release the address info of where to pick it up and where to ship it to to the winner. All that is needed in this transaction is that you go pick up my item from property room. BOX it with foam and then ship it to my address. Thats it. O, and the pick up times are 10am-2pm
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White Glove, Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard, Other, Courier Service
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We can do this for you, read our feedback to see who we are then be confident in our ability to get this done. we will go get it pack it and ship it to you. or we can bring it with us as we are going to boston mass in the next two weeks. let me know what you think . Thanks Nick TuttleReport a Violation
Response: Hi, I would like for you guys to do the job. When do you think you can pick the item up? (so I can notify the company holding it)... Also, there is no need to bring it with you (I guess you would be taking route 70 across? as thats literally 5 mins from here. But Boston is at least 3-4hrs North of us.), I would prefer and will gladly pay for the shipping fee from some place like UPS or Fed-ex.... I'm just in a time window and need it sooner then later. What would the cost be to have you Pick it up, box it, and then ship it via UPS or Fedex? (shipping time (1 week max) w/ tracking number) No insurance needed as long as its nice an packed with foam. And or if its no more then $20.00 (just not a big fan of that charge).1/14/2010Report a Violation
Response: we can pick up on monday if that fast enough, or do you need it faster1/14/2010Report a Violation
Response: Monday is perfect! If you can do it sooner thats great to. As long as its by Mon for sure because they will put the item back up for auction if not. The business is only open M-F 10am-2pm (I know its a pain). I will put your name down as being "ok" to pick up the item. And they will require that you show a valid Drivers License to verify you. Also which way do you intend to ship it? Ups, Fed-ex? etc? So how do I go about selecting you as the winning bidder on this site? Do you need to submit a bid to me first and then I just accept? Thanks for doing this! I really appreciate it!1/14/2010Report a Violation
Response: do you have a paypal account? if so we can just use that, if not you must next day air a postal money order to us so that we get it before we ship it out. The accept of our bid will give you our contact info, i will be checking ups and fed ex in a little bit as it is only 620 am here.1/14/2010Report a Violation
Response: o wow! Forgot about the time diff... sorry about that. I have a paypal account that I can send the money through. [contact information removed - NOTE: Contact information cannot be posted, once bid is accepted information will be released. – uShip]1/14/2010In Violation
Response: Please do not ry to send any contact info as the big computer will pick it up and edit out the info and that will delay your messages. Uship is a good site and we all must be honest and follow the rules so they can stay in business. Plus we need info quickly so any delay hurts all our timelines. checking on fed ex and ups info now.1/14/2010Report a Violation
matt what is the declared value of this box and how quickly do you want it. overnight or with in 4 days? I can send it cod if you would like also Let me know asap pleaseReport a Violation
Got a few quotes from fed ex and ups both 4 day ground shipped with declared value of 500 would be to residential delivery. around 100 bucks. so our bid would have to be with out shipping charges, we can send fed ex cod to you. if that is ok. Let me know asapReport a Violation
Response: That is fine with me. 4 day ground sounds perfect. And $100 COD for shipping is perfect as well. Plus your fee. Go ahead and send me a bid for your services and I will then add you to the list and you can pick the item up and do what you need to do. You will need to show Identification at the pick up lobby so make sure you have your license w/ you or they wont't release it. What day are you planning on picking it up and shipping it out? Thanks again! 1/14/2010Report a Violation
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