Mr. Smith's Hammond Delivery

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Shipment Title:Mr. Smith's Hamm...
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Customer:Herve T.
Date Listed:8/12/2012 12:47 AM CST
Date Updated: 8/17/2012 4:28 PM CST
Ended: 8/17/2012 12:47 AM CST
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Mr. Smith's Hammond Delivery
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Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 521.00 Miles
Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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Mr. Smith's Hammond Delivery
  • Other
  • 3 ft 3 in. 
  • 4 ft 1 in. 
  • 3 ft 11 in. 
  • 360 lbs
  • No
There is also an external Leslie speaker included. (HWD) 34x29x19 Bench and pedals add 120lbs. Total weight of combined units 360+120 = 480lbs
Additional Information: Upon pick up and delivery there will be help for this equipment.
However, I do expect the contractor to have the proper dollies to move this instrument.
This delivery is of a TIme Sensitive nature!
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White Glove, Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard, Other, Courier Service
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are these measurements correctReport a Violation
Response: Yes, the measurement of the organ is correct. I have added measurement of the external Leslie speaker. 8/12/2012Not in Violation
R there any stairs.Report a Violation
Response: No stairs... There will be help loading and unloading! This delivery must be completed this week8/14/2012Report a Violation
Response: i live about 30 miles from elizabethtown and can do it for your target price of 550. when are u wanting it delivered.8/14/2012Report a Violation
Response: This move needs to take place ASAP. What is your earliest you can move?8/14/2012Report a Violation
Response: pickup thursday deliver friday8/14/2012Report a Violation
Response: What time Thursday ? And delivery expected at what time Friday? The company where the organ and speaker is stored opens at 7am . The organ must arrive at the church office hours on Friday bet. 8am - 3pm8/14/2012Report a Violation
Response: can pickup at 9 am thursday and deliver at noon on friday8/15/2012Report a Violation
Response: Perfect! Please come with plenty of blankets and moving dolies8/15/2012Report a Violation
Response: i am cash only will that be a problem if so let me know. i am looking forward to bidding on it. 8/15/2012Report a Violation
Response: I can only pay thru Uship. However, this system works with payment is the only way we can do business. This transaction is on a dealer to business level. . If you need cash at pick up, you must not accept this bid.8/15/2012Report a Violation
Response: shouldnt be a problem 8/15/2012Report a Violation
if that isnt soon enough let me knowReport a Violation
Response: Ok..8/15/2012Report a Violation
Response: My bid is all set and looking forward to getting it to your church. 8/15/2012Report a Violation
OK got it set now at 522.93 hope this works for you. You can pay uship directly. Report a Violation
Response: OK I will accept your bid!8/15/2012Report a Violation
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Accepted 8/15
5.0/5 | 13 reviews
Blanket Wrap
5.0/5 | 13 reviews
Blanket Wrap
Cancelled 8/12
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Blanket Wrap
4.9/5 | 39 reviews
Blanket Wrap
5.0/5 | 13 reviews
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