Michael's Mom's Piano

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Shipment Title:Michael's Mom's ...
Shipment ID: 607525882
Customer:John B.
Date Listed:12/22/2013 9:27 PM CST
Date Updated: 6/10/2014 1:10 PM CST
Ended: 1/1/2014 9:27 PM CST
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Michael's Mom's Piano
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Est. Distance: 2,031.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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Michael's Mom's Piano
  • Console
  • 4 ft 9 in. 
  • 2 ft 1 in. 
  • 3 ft 3 in. 
  • 300 lbs
  • Yes
Additional Information: Piano and bench needs to travel from Loveland, CO to Ft. Myers, FL. Report a Violation
White Glove, Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard, Other, Courier Service
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Can dates on pickup be done sooner ????? Offer pickup week January 2nd ------5th. Or. If not what budgeting. Will you be considering. Offer 30 days for transit time 2200 miles 300-400totwl lbs. Space as listed WHITE GLOVE MOVER with lift-n-roll piano dollys 3/5 steps per home included in bid offer $795.00 Offer to allow us too Pickup sooner date. January 1----5th with delivery scheduled either. Dates we can accommodate : JANUARY 16TH ---20th. OR..... FEB 17TH ---22ND .........$599.00Report a Violation
Response: The dates are flexible, I just need to coordinate making sure the family in Florida is available to receive the piano. I can also confirm the number of steps on the FL house, as the CO house has three steps. Which dates are associates with the $599 rate?12/26/2013Report a Violation
Response: Were rerouting out scheduling too make another few stops in SC \ Florida. The Delivery's would be between Approximately. January 12----19th. Need too know if we can be allowed to pickup piano. late next week....january .4th-----9th. Approximately ?????12/26/2013Report a Violation
Response: Yes, I am available all next week for the pick-up if we go with your company.12/27/2013Report a Violation
Response: We look forward too earning your business and feedback as we have. Earns hundards of good customer's and referrals from moving antiques and piano's both on uship and mainly as a privet FULL service piano transporter....over 6 years.....thanks for considering flexible dates too allow much lower rate then our industry standards........... we also offer 5day pickup 5 day delivery. $1075.0012/30/2013Report a Violation
Hi. Would there be help loading & unloading on both ends of this? Can you give the height dimensions? If there is help on both ends, I may be able to do this for approximately 20%-25% less, possibly even less depending on circumstances. Live & based out of Longmont. Anticipating trip to Fort Lauderdale around the 8th.Report a Violation
Response: I could get help in Loveland to get the piano loaded, but unsure about having help in Ft. Myers. Let me send Michael a note to see. Depending on the day, Michael can have a couple guys help in the unloading of the piano. Hi, I had been trying to keep up with the questions and bids on this shipping project, and want to make sure I did get back to you. The 8th of January work. Let me know if you have any questions and what the shipping rate would be so I can see how that compares to the bids I have received. Thanks! -John12/27/2013Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for the reply. I'll know in the the 4-5 days if this works for both of us. I won't bid until I'm sure. When I do bid, I'll beat anything else by 5%-8%. Of course, in the meantime, if another offer is accepted I'll understand. Thanks for the consideration.12/28/2013Report a Violation
Response: The trip to Florida is still up in the air. Lack of communication with some shippers is hard to figure out. Can't get an answer out of them, so I'm in limbo. I will be going from Ohio to Denver from the 8th-11th, now, as I just confirmed a booking. I do a lot of coordinating gymnastics with dates & availability. I can assure you I'll update you as soon as information becomes available & again, in the meantime, I understand you may have to turn elsewhere. Hopefully I'll know one way or the other tomorrow. Thanks for the update. Matt/Black Dot Transport12/31/2013Report a Violation
John-by way of update: I am waiting until probably tomorrow for an a concrete answer on a bid to Florida. I can tell you that if it is accepted, I will be able to bid your listing for approximately $610.00. Not sure where you are right now with all this, but wanted to communicate this to you. Matt/Black Dot TransportReport a Violation
John-Matt, again: I'll actually know about the other listing in a little less than two hours. Once I know, I'll either leave the bid active, or remove it, depending on which way the other one goes.Report a Violation
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