Mahogany King Size 4poster Bed - Disassembled

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Customer:Alexandra S.
Date Listed:7/10/2014 6:02 PM CST
Date Updated: 7/28/2014 2:58 PM CST
Ended: 7/24/2014 6:03 PM CST
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Mahogany King Size 4poster Bed - Disassembled
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Mahogany King Size 4poster Bed - Disassembled
Total furniture items: 1
Total Weight: 265 lbs
Palletized: No
Crated: No
Stackable: No
Mahogany King Size 4poster Bed - Disassembled
King size mahogany bed disassembled for delivery, comprising of headboard, footboard, four posts, canopy bars, side rails, and pack of wood slats (no box springs). This item must receive special handling (no dropping/stacking to prevent damage)
L: 6 ft 8 in.  W: 6 ft 4 in.  H: 7 ft 0 in. 
265 lbs
Additional Information: This item must be blanket wrapped, it cannot sustain any drops, nor being stacked with other items as it's mahogany which will crack or chip. **WE REQUIRE 48hrs notice to ensure a warehouse attendant can meet you for the collection, as our storage facility is unmanned, and by arrangement only. COLLECTION Tues-Sun 9am to 3pm, or Sunday anytime 9am-7pm. Report a Violation
White Glove, Blanket Wrap
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Hi Alexandra, My name is Sarah. We are White Glove Service, We can pickup 7/13 or 7/15 and deliver around 7/16 or 7/18 will this work for YOU? f the Bed is FULLY broken down ? We will Blanket Wrap ALL pieces. You said NO (box spring) Is their a(MATTRESS). If the dates and Wraping is ok, then we can transport for your OFFER PRICE. Please let us know if you want US to transport? And we will Accept you offer. Thanks Sarah K. 'ShipthisTOO'Report a Violation
Hi Still in Dallas , Leaving tonight/or tuesday 'AM' Still need a transport? Sarah K. 'ShipthisTOO'Report a Violation
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Accepted 7/15
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Blanket Wrap
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White Glove
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Blanket Wrap