Kitten shipping

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Shipment Title:Kitten shipping
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Customer:Cynthia A.
Date Listed:3/9/2013 10:49 AM CST
Date Updated: 4/24/2013 10:33 AM CST
Ended: 4/7/2013 3:44 PM CST
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Kitten shipping

Total Cats: 1

Total Weight: 2 lbs

  • Rocky
  • Highland
  • 2 lbs
  • Yes
  • Kitten is 8 weeks no vaccinations yet. Food water in crate supplied. Or not if air The dates are a little flexable and so is the city we are drivng down the east coast so the eastern NC SC cities would also be an option to meet to pickup the kitten. Would like him to come into West Palm Beach instead of Jacksonville. If ground shipping we would like him to be delivered to Indiantown FL. from an address in Amarillo. If air it would be AMA airpot to West Palm Beach FL. Or a near by airpo
  • Small
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I would be able to nc sc coast also just let me know!Report a Violation
We can take your pet on a Commercial Air Plane with us and have him/her seated in a seat next to us and at your destination in hours, meeting shipper and receiver at the nearest major airport. I can travel any day you specify. Looking forward to working with you. KKs Transport Report a Violation
We would travel your pet airport to airport, if this works for you let me know your price and we will put in a bid know that your pet will be riding in style seated with me in the cabin of the plane!-puppyair!Report a Violation
Response: Hi I have 2 auctions on both start at AMA. Amarillo TX. 1 to FL and 1 to NH. We would need the kitten to come to NH on 4/25 through 4/29. Any of those days. AMH to MHT or Logan Boston airport. MHT is closer for us. Boston is an hour. OR We would need the kitten to come into West Palm or Fort lauderdale May 5th through the 9th. Let me know if one of is possible and what airline do you use? Then I will send a bid request. Thanks Cindy4/2/2013Report a Violation
Response: Yes either of those will work! :) we use any commercial airline. Our price is $425!4/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: Hi $425.00 is good. A little higher then other bids but I like your feedback! We would like to use you !! Can you pick him up at AMH Amarillo TX on the 26th of April and fly him into Manchester NH - MHT. Where we would pick him up. We pay cash or Paypal ?? Let me know I do not see your bid? Thanks Cindy Hi again This kitten is not having it's vaccines until I get him.4/4/2013Report a Violation
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